Lala admitted dating Randall made no sense

Amid their breakup, insiders note how Lala Kent previously admitted dating Randall Emmett made “no sense” to the Vanderpump Rules star.

Amid their breakup, insiders note how Lala Kent previously admitted dating Randall Emmett made “no Sens” for the Vanderpump Rules Star. The famous couple made headlines after sources from Lala confirmed their separation from Randall. The couple had been engaged for three years and recently welcomed their first child together. However, before their engagement broke up, it looks like Lala already wrote down all the reasons they weren’t meant to last.

Randall came under fire this weekend after being caught spending time with two mysterious women in Nashville. After photos of the filmmaker surfaced online showing Randall heading to a hotel with the ladies, Lala archived all of their photos together and posted a video of his arrival at a hotel. Lala also included Beyonce’s song “Sorry” in the post, which is a breakup song that empowers women against an unfaithful spouse. The song choice further showed signs that Lala was referring to leaving Randall for his adulterous ways. Sadly, the couple had been engaged for three years and welcomed their daughter earlier in 2021.

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Now, it seems Lala has always known why she and Randall weren’t the most compatible couple. A week before their split, Lala opened up about what her relationship with Randall might look like to most strangers. “I know my relationship makes absolutely no sense on paper”, Lala said Sixth page. “I am fully aware of this.” At the time, however, Lala hoped that Vanderpump Rules fans got to see the bond she and Randall share in their home lives. “I have a feeling that over time you’ll see it more and more and maybe you’ll be thinking, ‘OK, that makes sense. “At least that’s my hope for viewers”, she said.

Lala and Randall from Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules Season 9 introduced a new family dynamic between Lala and Randall. They let the cameras in to capture their new life as parents to newborn baby Ocean Kent Emmett. But it doesn’t even seem like a commitment and a baby could keep Randall home and loyal to Lala. She took note of all the criticism they received when she first introduced their relationship on the show. At the time, Lala was too scared to pronounce Randall’s name, as he was still legally married to his ex-wife Ambyr Childers. “Our relationship was so unexpected and we never thought we would feature it on TV like that because there was so much judgment surrounding it at the start,” Lala admitted.

Alas, it looks like the Bravo cameras only dampened Lala and Randall’s romantic life. With a 19-year age gap between them, Lala has suffered a lot of criticism since she first met Randall. Bragging about the intimate favors she bestowed on him and how she landed in private jets is how viewers first learned about Lala and Randall’s relationship on the show. Things looked hopeful for Lala and Randall after welcoming their daughter and starting to share their relationship in Season 9, and the Vanderpump Rules The star has even spoken of wanting more children in the near future. However, it looks like her baby plans will have to be put on hold as she determines whether she wants to take Randall back or leave him alone for good.

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