Kid Bookie releases debut album with Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson – Kerrang!

London rapper Kid Bookie has today (November 26) shared their long-awaited debut album Cheaper Than Therapy – and it features a number of collaborations spanning all genres.

Working with the likes of Slipknots Corey Taylor and Sid Wilson, Vendeds Griffin Taylor and Good Charlottes Billy Martin, the 20-the recording of the song is described by the musician as a showcase of eclecticism, influence and identity ”.

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Of his post, meanwhile, Kid Bookie explains: Expression, aggressiveness, ferocity, melody and soul were the catalysts to produce CTT. With every verse that I have sworn never to deliver if the feeling isn’t there, I need to feel to be in harmony with the process, this music. A therapy session for myself, covering my moods of love, anger, hate and the like, the questions I want to ask and what it’s like to exist in an ever-changing paradigm.

With this project, my goal is to finally be happy to accept that this is what I wanted to be and to open myself to the perspective of change and evolution.

Listen to Cheaper Than Therapy below – which also features a new version of Corey Taylor’s album 2019 collaboration, Stuck In My Ways:

Check out the full Cheaper Than Therapy tracklist:

1. Chad NoBack’s Office
2. Intro (I Think I Found A Way) with Ziey Kizzy
3. Minxxx fur
4. Children’s bookbook – ALCOHOL SEX CANNABIS
5. In my soul with Tech N9born
6. I could have died tonight
7. UR MY SUICIDE with Ziey Kizzy
8. Really really like you
9. ATTRACTIVE featuring Goat Society
ten. In the dark with Òlah Bliss
11. Who are you? (Interlude)
12. Stuck In My Ways with Corey Taylor
13. On my rock (Alien)
14. Lil Nas X
15. Freedom with Òlah Bliss and Sid Wilson from Slipknot
16. Like I
17. Say it with your chest with Kamiyada
18. As long as my heart bleeds
19. Chad NoBack’s Outro
20. I want to be your friend

Posted on November 26, 2021 at 12:23 p.m.