Kanye West says ‘Men have no right to cry’ in new creation

The highly acclaimed Kanye ‘Ye’ West is a masterful designer known for his ingenious music tracks and fashionable innovations.

In the early 2000s, the American rapper became recognized for his producing skills which paved the way for him to more success in other creations.

After more than two decades of influence in the music industry, Ye is still blessing the world with more artful pieces as she announces the release of her new art to millions of fans on Instagram..

Kanye ‘Ye’ West presents a new work of art named ‘Dead’


“Dead” is the hip-hop star’s latest creation which he says would communicate the need to ensure that men and celebrities, as a species, are allowed to have feelings and not feel dead inside. interior.

Instagram photo showed “Dead” boldly written in red, while snippets of the song‘s verses were positioned below the word readable. Ye mentioned that he died in the verses, which scared several fans.

The icon captioned the post with a lengthy message that began with him feeling compromised to explain his expressions despite his many years of artistic contribution to the world. He continued:

“I also have to make sure that we as a species are allowed to feel anything. Men don’t have the right to cry, celebrities don’t have the right to cry.

The Atlanta-born didn’t give any explicit details about the song as he wrote, “I will not explain this new play because explanation destroys the mystery and magic of true love and puts it in a box that can be counted.”

Ye further stated that the art is subjective and only works when it comes to the complete truth of the artist. He believed that people felt differently because no one is alike and one person’s truth could be another’s lie.

He concluded the post with, “Without further ado, I present to you my latest creation, it’s called DEAD.” [sic]

Kanye West's post on his Instagram page

Art is Ye’s definition of therapy as he has previously addressed the controversies surrounding his recent “Easy” Musical clip.

the explosion recounted that the video showed a clay form of the rapper placing a bag over the head of a man who looked like ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s beau Pete Davidson.

It doesn’t end there as Ye tied the man up and led him to a deserted area where he buried him up to his neck. The star then raised his amputated head.

He would have meant no harm to artistic expression and asserted that art was protected as freedom of expression. You believed that art inspired and simplified the world; therefore, it was not an alternative to any hostility.

The record producer further dispelled any misinterpretations of the video by stating that any other suggestions regarding his art were false and unintentional.

Davidson fans were concerned about the video; however, the comedian didn’t seem bothered as he described it and the tabloid drama that followed as “hilarious.”

He was almost flattered that Ye included his lookalike cartoon character in the music video and was not threatened in any way by his lover’s ex-husband.

‘Donda’ artist continually harasses her ex and current boyfriend

Kanye West is back in his boots as he cruises Miami.

Davidson has already been the target of several of Ye’s harassments, and Kardashian had asked him to stop harassing the “Saturday Night Live Star.

The Blast reported that prior to the former couple’s divorce, the fashion designer shared his ex’s text messages regarding Davidson. He read, “There are dangerous people out there, and it’s scary, and it doesn’t have to be.”

He replied to her text, promising to always do everything to protect her and their family. He also mentioned that he briefed everyone to make sure nothing physical happened to Davidson.

However, Ye released the controversial “Easy” video, and following its release, fans expressed concern for Kardashian, who still had a custody battle with him despite his legally single status.

She was reportedly declared legally single to clarify the end of her relationship with the songwriter, and people seemed to think that Ye fired back with the threatening music video.

With their concern for the reality star allegedly in an abusive relationship with the 44-year-old, several people have come forward with their stories of domestic abuse.

One person mentioned that if the businesswoman could not divorce Ye with all the resources she had in the world without being harassed, people should stop asking women in similar situations questions such as “why not doesn’t she go? »

Several others believed that Kardashian had the opportunity to champion the cause of domestic violence, and her influence could make a difference in this regard, even with her career as a lawyer.