Kal Marks Announces New Album ‘My Name Is Hell’: Listen to ‘Ovation’

The Boston-based Kal Marks Group has been a company in business for over a decade now, and for most of that time it was the same three people. But in 2020, the band broke up. Frontman Carl Shane decided to keep Kal Marks together by bringing together a new band: Dylan Teggart from A Deer A Horse, Christina Puerto from Bethlehem Steel and bassist John Russell. The revamped quartet has a new album on the way titled my name is hellwhich is the first feature film of the project in four years after that of 2018 Universal care.

Today they share the first single from that album, “Ovation,” a string of heavy riffs and expansive percussion and a soaring Shane chorus. “If I had to guess, it’s about manipulation,” he explained in a statement. “I think religion has kind of turned my head around a bit. I’ve been non-believer for a very long time but it still has residual effects on me. Shane continued:

I always feel like God is looking over my shoulder and sometimes when I’m alone I find myself talking out loud like I’m praying. At the start of 2020, I had a weird fascination with televangelist videos. This world is far more extreme than anything I grew up with. The way the preachers move is insane and the language is so aggressive. If God’s love is so special, why are they so angry. Their discourse dynamic is really not that different from that of any historical dictator. These are all tactics to trick people into buying something, and if you can get a person to cheer you on, then you can feed and build a crowd of fools. They make you feel like you’re doing the right thing, but I don’t think they care about saving your soul. They just want your money and your loyalty. I don’t know any of this very telling, I’m just blown away by how long they go and how ridiculous they look.

Listen below.

01 “My Life Is A Monster Show”
02 “Shit Town”
03 “Everyone Hertz”
04 “New Neighbor”
05 “Debt”
06 “My Name Is Hell”
07 “Ovation”
08 “The Future”
09 “Who Waits”
10 “Mr. Dictionary (a satire)”
11 “Bored Again”

07/29 Somerville, MA @NiceFest
11/08 Middletown, CT @ Rednawa
12/08 Philadelphia, PA @ Ukie Club
08/13 Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye
06/09 Kalamazoo, MI @ Papa Petes
07/09 Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
08/09 Omaha, NB @ The Sydney
09/09 Denver, CO @ Lions Lair
10/09 Grand Junction, CO @ Copeka
09/14 Missoula, MT @ Monks
09/15 Tacoma, WA @ The Valley
09/16 Seattle, WA @ Cafe Racer
09/17 Portland, OR. @ Firkin Tavern
09/19 Redding, CA @ The Dip
09/20 Sacramento, CA @ Café Colonial
09/21 Oakland, CA @ Golden Bull
09/22 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra
09/24 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk space
09/25 El Paso, TX @ Mona Bar
09/27 Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
09/28 Houston, TX @ Bohemian
09/29 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
09/30 Atlanta, Georgia @ Boggs Social & Supply
01/10 Asheville, NC @ Static Age
02/10 Washington DC @ Pie Shop

my name is hell was released 8/5 via Exploding In Sound. Pre-order it here.