July 2 Musical Update: Local Singles Compendium

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Marqueza and Adam Fuller, “Blue”

The magic continues to operate between two new collaborators of SLC: Marqueza and Adam Fuller (from the group Ivouries and several other musical projects). The two seem to have no problem keeping busy, as they have a really quick follow-up to their latest outing, the EP. Omizu Diosa. “Blue” is the track in question, and it’s just another example of how the two come closer and closer to pop perfection. Released today, July 2, the track has an infectious beat on which Marqueza tells a story meant to subvert distinctively masculine pop and R&B themes, like those popularized by Drake, Majid Jordan and others. Like much of Marqueza’s lyricism, the song is about “center[ing] myself in a situation fueled by toxic masculinity. ”Besides the assertive themes that are always reliably found in Marqueza’s tracks, this song is perhaps one of the grooviest and most danceable ever. was presented by the duo. on Spotify, and follow them on Instagram at @ marina.marqueza and @ivouriesfats.

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Nicole Canaan, “Dreaming of shenanigans”

Nicole Canaan’s June 17 release is another step in a deeper direction for the new artist on the stage – and the direction she’s heading is lower, deeper in lush, wacky pop sound. A champion of UPHERE! Records, she’s definitely a star on the label, if only because she’s a pop soloist rejecting melody for weird stuff. “Dreaming Scheming” is a borderline sultry track, especially due to Canaan’s low voice, but moves away from any easy desire with the straightforward instrumentals, somewhat menacing dramatic synths creating an inky vibe. It’s a far cry from the more indie tracks she released last year, which is both good and bad, as both styles work so well for Canaan. She’s definitely a unique figure in our scene right now because of all of her singles, but most of all this most recent. Keep going with it, because you should. Follow her on Instagram @nicolecanaan.

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