John Summit’s Off The Grid releases its first compilation ‘Excursions: Vol. 1’

John Summit’s Off The Grid has released their very first compilation, Excursionsstocked with six tracks from LUCATI, Max Styler, and more.

Earlier this year, John Summit takes a new step in his career by launching his own record label, Off-grid. Since then he’s been turning off heaters like “In Chicago” and “What a life” with Guz and Stevie Appletonwith the melodic “Slow motion” of Volaris. It set the tone for what fans can expect from future releases on the imprint as they pick up speed – and with the burgeoning house music producer at the helm, it’s no wonder every release on the label is incredibly catchy with infectious house beats. .

The very first Off The Grid compilation joins their growing repertoire. Excursions: flight. 1. With a range of songs teased in numerous John Summit sets around the world in recent times, fans may be quick to recognize the tunes upon hearing them. With fan favorite LUCATI into the mix, along with rising stars such as regular Space Yacht Ranger Truck and Max Stylerthe compilation is expected to be a hit among a variety of house music fans.

Kick off Excursions: flight. 1 is a track that is really hard to resist. Max Styler”Resist” will rock the dance floors of any nightclub to the rhythm of its rhythms. The underlying bassline and punchy house elements come together perfectly for a track that’s hard to walk away from. Matt Sassari‘s”boom boom” with CHRSTPHR is next, throwing listeners into a trance with its thrilling build-ups in drops of funky rhythm. LUCATI picks up the pace with “free your mindreminding us all of the simple joy house music can bring with its uplifting beats and vocals.

Keeping the good vibes going, Ranger Trucco seamlessly pulls us all into “hidden groove», a spicy version that will make you want to put your groove on full display. The temptations are great becauseDrag” of Basura Boyz, Bedran.and Ron Carroll wows listeners, raising the tension on the dance floor with its haunting vocals and captivating synths. Vitor Vinter and sudden heat bring some Latin flair and fusion to close Off The Grid’s debut compilation with a bang in”Voy Voy.”

Put on your dancing shoes and listen to these six explosive tracks on Excursions: flight. 1 through SoundCloud or Beatport. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

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Off-grid Excursions: flight. 1 – List of tracks:

  1. Max Styler – Resist
  2. Matt Sassari – Boom Boom (Feat. CHRSTPHR)
  3. LUCATI – Free your mind
  4. Ranger Trucco – Hidden Groove
  5. Basura Boyz & BEDRAN. – Slide (Feat. Ron Carroll)
  6. Vitor Vinter & Sudden Heat – Voy Voy
Off-Grid Excursions: Vol.  1

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