Jessie J reveals heartbreaking struggle as she fights to save her voice

British singer Jessie J has been a little quiet for months, and now she’s back with some new music – and sad news.

London, United Kingdom – Jessie J spoke about her daily struggle with a painful illness that keeps her from doing what she loves most – singing.

On Instagram, Jessie J (33) talks about her current situation. © Bildmontage: Instagram / jessiej

On June 11, Jessie J released her latest single I Want Love, in which her voice is as strong and powerful as ever.

But a short video she shared on Instagram last week shows just how different the truth is.

In it, she softly the opening lines of her song in a barely audible voice, while her eyes fill with tears. It is clear that something is wrong.

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“I want to start by explaining this video,” captioned Jessie J before adding that she had made the recordings to give her speech-language pathologist an update on her current situation. She had been undergoing intensive medical treatment for her vocal cords since February.

Even though Jessie J is still able to sing loudly, she suffers tremendously while doing so. And it’s not just the singing that causes him serious problems. She also has difficulty speaking.

In December 2020, the singer was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease, a one-sided disorder of the inner ear that can cause dizziness, tinnitus and hearing loss.

Although Ménière’s syndrome cannot be cured, the symptoms can be alleviated with medication.

Music is the life of Jessie J.

Music is Jessie J.’s life © Archive photo: 123RF / salajean

In addition to pain, these vocal cord nodules could also alter Jessie J’s distinctive timbre.

To prevent this from happening, he was strictly forbidden to speak and sing for months. However, things have not improved.

Despite everything, she decides to record I Want Love. The entire production was completed in just two days.

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Jessie J is doing everything to get back in shape and is currently seeing several doctors. “I needed to be honest with myself and honest with all of you” she continued on Instagram.

Fans are responding positively to his outspoken words, with several commentators, including singer Leona Lewis and actress Tori Kelly, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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