Jessi on what it means for her to be ‘strong’, how she handles difficult times, and more


1st Look magazine shared beautiful photos of Jessi!

Although this was her first photoshoot in some time, Jessi showed her charisma and charm by naturally adapting to different concepts for the photos.

In the accompanying interview, Jessi revealed, “I barely have any days off. I’m the type who isn’t good at rest. When I rest, I start having too many thoughts. I’m a workaholic who enjoys doing a lot of work, and working while others are asleep makes me proud.

With her latest track “Cold Blooded” Jessi once again showed her charisma as everyone’s favorite “strong elder sister”. Regarding this picture of hers, Jessi commented: “The ‘strong older sister’ I think of says what she means while keeping boundaries and reading the play, and she is someone who can relate to herself. pick up after making a mistake or falling. I fall a lot too. I get fooled and make mistakes. However, you have to learn something from that and get up to really be a strong person. “

Jessi also explained how she copes through tough times, sharing, “As I lived on my own from a young age, I have become the type of person who cannot easily talk about her feelings. When I have a hard time, I scream. I have an honest personality where I cry when I want to cry, I laugh when I want to laugh, and I get angry when I want to get angry.

She continued, “Although I am a perfectionist when I make music, I tolerate everything but that. Even if I had to eat kimbap or burgers everyday, couldn’t fault it. In terms of music, apart from hip hop, I listen to a lot of quiet stuff. At home, I don’t even turn on the television and I sit quietly and calmly.

Regarding her interview show “Showterview,” explained Jessi, “If my guest is embarrassed, not in a good mood, scared or shy, I acknowledge it and ask appropriate questions for it. Even if I am not. not the best MC, if my guests are still happy and having fun I’m happy with it.When the shoot is over, we become friends.

Jessi’s full interview will be available in the 230th edition of 1st Look magazine. Jessi will also launch a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Sunmi for “Shivers” on November 24 at 6 p.m. KST.

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