Jamie Chung shares photos of husband Bryan Greenberg recovering in hospital from appendicitis

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Cindy Ord/Getty Bryan Greenberg and Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung tends to husband Bryan Greenberg as he recovers in hospital after the actor shared he has appendicitis.

The actress, 39, posted a video to Instagram on Saturday that took fans inside her journey to see Greenberg, 44.

Share the clip on the air of Married with childrenThe theme song of “Love and Marriage,” Chung wrote, “LOVE: Bring your husband soup and clean clothes because he is recovering in the hospital. Ferry ride to the hospital. Ready [or] no @bryanggreenberg I’m coming!”

His selfies on the ferry were followed by a video of Chung showing the windows where Greenberg lay in the hospital, and then Greenberg’s perspective showing Chung on the ferry.

The video includes a glimpse of Greenberg walking through the halls of the hospital covered in a blanket.

“MARRIAGE: Letting your wife sleep in your bed because she’s tired from the trip,” Chung wrote in another part of the Reel that shows her getting ready for a nap in her bed.

“We should be @belmondcapjuluca on a beach having lunch,” said the Lovecraft Country the actress said, hinting that the couple intended to visit the luxury hotel in Anguilla. “Instead, @bryangreenberg is on a liquid diet,” she said. “No solids allowed! At least he’s safe and on the mend.”

“Love and marriage. Kidding aside, Bryan is on the mend!” Chung captioned the post.

As for Greenberg, he posted an Instagram Story of himself walking around the hospital. “Lathes of work,” he wrote. “I’m looking for someone to run with. Nobody wants this smoke.”

A representative for Chung did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Chung and Greenberg, who married in 2015, welcomed their first children, a set of twins, last year. They celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in October.

Chung previously told PEOPLE that she was enjoying the “little moments” with her growing family. “I think this stage goes by pretty quickly and it’s sad those months have flown by,” she said.

“Going out for a walk, being in nature, the children are happy, satisfied and sleeping,” Chung added. “It’s like a moment of peace.”

Speaking exclusively to PEOPLE last month, Chung opened up about the challenges of balancing parenthood with her checkered acting career.

“It’s tough. It requires everyone to be on deck,” Chung said. “With twins in particular, you need at least three adults to do this. For you to do all your work.”

She continued, “If I’m auditioning or going to a meeting, it’s hard for my partner to take care of two kids on my own. So if we have that extra help, it’s a lot more helpful. therefore requires a lot of logistics and planning.”

Jamie Chung &  Bryan Greenberg

Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg/Instagram

As new parents, the couple also had to learn to set aside time to nurture their own relationship.

“We’re trying to plan the date night,” the Big Hero 6 the actress explained. “Now that the kids are sleeping through the night, they have a really good schedule. So at 7:00 p.m. they’re in bed. We’re like, ‘Okay, we’ll call the babysitter.’ Everything is set up…. We’re going to have dinner and watch a movie and it’s kind of our night.

“But you still have a curfew. We still have to be in bed by 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. at the latest, because we’re on,” she added. “The babysitter is leaving and we’re first thing at 5:56 in the morning.”

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Despite the early hours, being a parent was a joyous time for the couple. For Chung, in particular, it made him realize “how important family is.”

“I think with twins we were so overwhelmed. So there were so many family and friends who were willing to step in to help ease us a little,” she said. “I think it was such a great gift. But also, in a way, it really brought all of our families together, which I thought was kind of cool, kind of neat.”