Jack Harlow reveals his team advised him against the Lil Nas X collaboration


Lil Nas X has once again been one of the biggest stars in the music industry, having recently released another number one single. It is “Baby Industry, Starring Jack Harlow.

Industry Baby was originally released in early August and debuted as the number two song in the United States. Last week he finally reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Harlow has shown Nas X a ton of support for this collaboration, but it seems his team members originally didn’t like the idea that he is working with Nas X on this.


Jack Harlow says his team didn’t want him on “Industry Baby”

In a new interview with GQ, the Louisville rapper revealed that people around him initially felt he was on “Baby Industry, ”Wouldn’t be a good look. They explained that they thought the homosexual content in the Nas X clips was “bad.”

“I had people in my corner who didn’t recommend me to do this song, who didn’t want to watch this video, you know? But I just realized that there is a fundamental difference with the way some people see the world. Some people think some things are wrong. There are people, at the root level – although they don’t want to hurt any homosexual; they don’t hate homosexuals – they think it’s wrong, whether it’s religion or some other reason. But for me, I’ve never been like this. Never.”

“Industry Baby” became Nas X’s second number one song in 2021

Regardless of what people think of the visuals of Nas X on his music videos, or of himself, he continues to be a global superstar. Industry Baby was also her second number one hit of this year, which joins her “Montero (Call me by your name)“, originally released in late March. The video for this song also received a backlash, as it showed Nas X twerking on Satan. After Montero’s release, Nas X attempted to sell his own Nike Air Max 97” Satan Shoes “, who ended up being slapped by a lawsuit from Nike, which stopped the distribution and sale of the shoes.

Industry Baby then appeared on Nas X’s debut studio album, “Montero,” which was released in mid-September. This project became the number two album in the United States.

“Industry Baby” became Harlow’s first number one song

Appearing on “Industry Baby” ended up being one of the best decisions of Harlow’s career, as it ended up being his first number one song of his career. It all comes after Harlow burst as a star, in 2020, with the hit of his single “What’s Poppin”. Harlow also released his own debut album in December 2020, with “This is What They All Say”. It went on to be successful as the number five album in the United States.


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