“I wanted to kill myself”

Uorfi Javed opens up about being ‘too weak to kill himself’, says ‘Every time someone pulled me down…’ (Photo credit – Instagram)

Uorfi Javed (originally spelled as Urfi Javed) is a personality that makes headlines every day. The actress – who became a household name and dad favorite after her stint in Bigg Boss OTT last year – struggled to get to where she is today. And now she opened her heart and opened up about the darkest phase of her life.

During a recent chat, Uorfi recalled her early years in the industry, the hardships she faced in the initial phase of her career, her financial troubles and more. While talking about the time when she was homeless and even slept nights in parks, she also talked about considering ending her life. Read on to find out all she has to say and how today she feels grateful and blessed for all she has.

In a recent chat with SpotboyE, Uorfi Javed candidly said he wanted to quit his job and even consider suicide early in his career. Speaking about her journey, celebrity Bigg Boss OTT shared, “There was a time when I didn’t have a home, I lived in the parks. I was homeless. Ek time pe mai park wagira pe bi soyi hun, friends ke ghar kuch dino ke liye rehi hun. In winter, I slept on the floor without duvets or a bed. But now I have everything.

Uorfi Javed continued: “When today I look back from where I started, I feel blessed, lucky and grateful. One thing I’m proud of is not giving up. I remember there were so many times I wanted to give up, I want to quit. I wanted to kill myself. I’m glad I didn’t give up during these trying times.

Continuing further, Uorfi added, “Everyone goes through emotions like depression, has suicidal thoughts when you have no money, no money to eat or to feed your family. I managed to survive all of this thanks to my will to live. I’m too weak to kill myself. The actress – who is known for her controversial fashion sense, further said: ‘Also every time someone pulled me down it made me more adamant to prove them wrong. . People said nasty things to me like, tu toh shows mai side role karte hi reh jayi, tu toh aise hi hai, tu toh gareeb hai.

Recalling an incident where she was looked down upon, Uorfi Javed said: “I remember once I went to a big restaurant where all the big stars used to come when it had just opened, it was a waiter, he insulted me saying you are not a member. He told me to get out of there and everyone was watching, it was a very embarrassing moment for me. These incidents made me strong.

Professionally, Uorfi Javed has recently been featured in a few music videos. On top of that, her atrangi – and sometimes outrageous fashion choice, always make her a talking point.

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