‘I Sound a Hot Mess’: Vickie Winans responds to ridicule of now-viral singing video

Vickie Winans may possess one of the most revered voices in gospel music history, but she recently came under fire for a performance that didn’t portray that voice in its best light.

The 68-year-old GRAMMY nominee took to the stage to deliver a tense rendition of her timeless classic “Safe in His Arms” it left him all but safe from commentators who noted everything from the apparent power struggle to the song’s climax and more.

And while Winans is no stranger to voice issues having had surgery on his vocal cords in the past, some wondered if there was more to worry about than that given the bizarre antics during the screening (it’s i.e. putting a towel over his face mid-performance).

Once news of the social media noise made its way to Vickie’s office, she took to Instagram to respond. Look inside to see how the “Shake You Loosely” the singer shakes off the critics.

Wednesday (June 22), Winans made it clear where the performance went wrong by posting a snippet of it along with a lengthy caption.

“This got HILARIOUS! You know what, I’ve never voiced my opinion of displeasure about anyone to discredit or hurt them online! I don’t judge people like that! But since there’s has people sitting around and waiting to hurt me after 37 years of hard work and thousands of shows i might as well jump in and take it myself! a 30 second clip of me hoarse on a song! The black towel I use to sweat and also every time I sing “Safe in His Arms”, fell through! It’s used to symbolize God hiding my face! I was stubborn about it Lol I divorced Pastor Winans 28 years ago and have since remarried! I’m so happy for him and I’m so happy! They say that’s the reason! You can’t make this stuff up! Someone else said maybe I should retire!WHAT??The man who hired me is going to retire me! This was one of the raucest reasons! 😳 Really? THE REAL REASON: My lazy self is back singing at the top of my lungs after spending 367 days at home during the pandemic without performing a single show! After 2 voice surgeries and all the miles on my throat, I should have known better! My voice doctor was livid! 😡He examined my strings and put me on speech therapy! I’m so much better now! He says there is no permanent damage and I will be back💯! I’m almost afraid to ask for prayer, but As long as I have King Jesus! FYI: Hurt hits every house and every body! 🥲 I still love you ALL! 💃🏼”

Ouch! Glad to see she takes the harsh commentary in stride, though.

Watch below to see the video that got people talking: