‘I don’t love her enough’: Rick Astley, singer of the ultra-viral ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – reveals why he gave up on his pop career

English singer-songwriter Rick Astley recently explained why he quit his pop music after gaining worldwide recognition with his ultra-viral song “I will never abandon you.” Apart from this song, The 56-year-old singer was world famous for “Together forever” and “Anytime you need someone.” His latest released work is his latest studio album Beautiful Life in 2018 and The Best of Me in 2019.

Rick Astley turned 56 this year

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Astley retired from music after releasing his “Shout for help” and made a comeback releasing the single “Sleeping” and the album”Keep it lit” in 2001. However, many wondered why this singer, who was a successful star, suddenly retired from his career?

Rick Astley revealed his reason for quitting his career

Rick Asley
Rick Astley in his song ‘I will never abandon you’

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Astley was a star, however, he felt his decision was the right one otherwise he would have ‘self-implode’. In an interview with PageSix, he explained, “I feel like if I hadn’t, I would have imploded myself.”

The Together forever the singer shared what pop music demanded at that time. “The problem with pop music is that when you’re into real pop like me, it’s every minute and hour of every day or nothing. And there’s no in-between because everything everyone does everything, so you have to do everything.

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He shared how many people were available in the industry to pitch something he couldn’t do, “I was when I started, but I wasn’t by the end, so I just thought, I don’t love him enough.”

What does Rick Astley’s RickRolling mean to him?

Rick Asley
Singer Rick Astley

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His song ‘I will never abandon you’ reached 1 billion views in July 2021, becoming the fourth song from the 1980s to reach that milestone. This song also helped make Astley an internet phenomenon with a viral internet meme known as rickrolling. For the uninitiated, Rickrolling was a sweet joke where users click on an online link that leads to Astley’s 1987 dance-pop hit.

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During an interview, Astley shared, “Look, let’s face it, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ kind of became something else, the video and the song drifted into the ether and became something else, and I’m on it. very grateful.”

This song turns 35 this year and still attracts many fans around the world.

Source: PageSix