How Robyn Crawford felt about her denying their past romance

Whitney Houston’s marriage to Bobby Brown isn’t the only relationship in her life that has captured media attention. Early in Houston’s career, her relationship with longtime friend and assistant Robyn Crawford was rumored. Houston denied they were more than friends, and it took decades for Crawford to say otherwise. Crawford eventually revealed that she sometimes felt offended because Houston denied it.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston | Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Robyn Crawford says her relationship with Whitney Houston was more than platonic at one point

Crawford and Houston met as teenagers while working together at a summer camp in New Jersey. They moved in together and lived in a roommate, and Crawford says their friendship turned romantic for a brief period.

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But Crawford said that due to Houston’s religious upbringing and her recent signing to a recording contract, Houston has ended the romantic part of things. Instead, she asked that the two remain best friends.

Crawford honored her wish and eventually became Houston’s employee. She is also credited with keeping Houston on track while plagued by her addiction.

Whitney Houston has denied having a romantic relationship with Robyn Crawford

Insiders claimed they all knew Houston and Crawford had a deeper relationship than ever being friends. In the can i be me documentary, Houston’s musical collaborator Rickey Minor revealed that he believed Houston was sexually fluid. But whenever reporters asked her if she and Crawford were more than friends, Houston denied it.

“I don’t make a habit of saying on the street who I’m sleeping with or who I’m with,” she said in a 1991 interview. “My private life, this little piece of my life is mine and I want to keep it. Not that I’m sleeping with this one, that one, or that one, and that one – I’m not a person promiscuous like that. I think it’s because they don’t know and because I’m keeping my life to myself. You can’t build a relationship in the public eye because they’ll tear it apart. Just recently I’m became friends with Randall Cunningham, now they married us I have Eddie’s [Murphy] baby. I went from lesbian to whore.

Robyn Crawford admits she was upset by some things Whitney Houston said publicly about their relationship

Crawford didn’t confirm a romance with Houston until 2019 in his book A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston. In an interview with The Chi designer Lena Waithe for Oprah.comCrawford revealed that she wasn’t always a fan of how Houston handled questions about their relationship.

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“I didn’t like some of the things she said. I didn’t feel like it was helping matters. But she didn’t care then. She said, “They’ll say what they want to say,” Crawford explained.

She clarified, noting that Houston didn’t like being put in a box. “And Whitney has always pushed labels away,” she added. “That also went for his music. She didn’t sing black music or white music; she just sang.”

The two friends weren’t in communication when Whitney Houston died

Crawford quit working for Houston in 2000 in the middle of her “My Love Is Your Love” world tour after a falling out with Brown. They remained in scattered communication from then on, with their last conversation occurring after Houston and Brown’s allegations. domestic conflict in 2003. Crawford says that was the last time they spoke. Still, she never planned to never speak again, but Houston would die before they had a chance to reconnect.

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