Houston-area dad records song with his daughters while waiting for a new heart

HOUSTON – While in hospital, Lucio Arreola embarked on songwriting as part of his therapy while waiting for a new heart. When he received a heart transplant, he made his new rhythm the basis of a song.

Lucio said he wrote the song detailing his journey of heart disease, transplant surgery and now, a serious recovery. He said the lyrics embodied how he wanted his wife and daughters to manage their part of his health journey as well.

Their voices can be heard in the choir singing, “And when you face these difficult times, love is all that survives. “

Houston Methodist said emotions related to the transplant process can be difficult to deal with, especially with the heart, as patients separate the physical organ from the metaphorical organ associated with love and soul. The song bridge explores this feeling and gives permission to feel love, not loss.

“Follow your heart for as long as it goes,” the song says. “Welcome to your new life. “

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As always, Lucio’s transplant wouldn’t be possible without another family giving him the ultimate gift.

Deciding to donate organs is a wonderful sacrifice, but sometimes it’s not up to you, you have to express your wishes to your family. organs that you cannot take with you.

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