Grammy® winner Kevin McKendree and co-producer John Heithaus announce the release of Stage Fright at 50 – An Ovation from Nashville


The Rock House All Stars reinvents the band’s classic album available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Soundcloud, BandCamp and many other global outlets.

Co-producers John Heithaus and multi-Grammy® winner Kevin McKendree revisit STAGE FRIGHT to reinvent the avant-garde LP of one of rock’s most important groups. STAGE FRIGHT at 50 – An Ovation from Nashville presents an eclectic 16-piece ensemble featuring original performances inspired by America’s veterans and award-winning and Grammy® nominated artists, as well as outstanding young singers representing the next generation of emerging hitmakers of Nashville.

Released in 1970, Stage Fright has since been widely recognized as the foremost founding authority in American roots music, fusing rock, country and blues influences – and inspiring countless songwriters and musicians around the world. Our Ovation strives to thoughtfully reinvent these 10 classic songs with stellar, root-influenced musical arrangements complemented by our singers’ fresh artistic renditions of each song – exploring a wide range of emotions that all humans share. : peace, escape, introspection, frivolity and Suite.

With renewed respect and admiration for MM. Danko, Helm, Hudson, Manuel and Robertson, we are delighted to present Stage Fright At 50 – An Ovation from Nashville.

The album will be available on all streaming platforms and, by physical CD and vinyl HERE. All social media can be found on @stagefrightovation and You Tube.

Guest singers – in order of appearance:

Strawberry wine: Lee Roy Parnell *

Sleep: SARACHEL (Sarah and Rachel Hambridge)

Time to Kill: Sam Morris

Just one more whistle: Rick Huckabee

All La Glory: Nalani Rothrock and Guitar Solo by Lee Roy Parnell

The Form I Am In: Yates McKendree *

The WS Walcott Medicine Show: Greg Mayo and Guitar Solo by Oliver Wood *

Daniel and the sacred harp: Lindsay Kate and Luke Bulla *

Stage fright: Colin Linden

The rumor: Seth James

Founded in 2016, Pure Music | Nashville is a multimedia production, marketing and distribution company dedicated to Bluegrass and Americana music and artists who enjoy performing and producing content for audiences around the world. Founded by Managing Partners Luke Bulla and John Heithaus, Pure Music Nashville works with well-established and emerging artists, from concept to launch, in their music, entertainment and educational endeavors. Pure Music Nashville is proud to be a member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS), Grammy Foundation, America Music Association, NSAI, ASCAP and various local / regional charitable initiatives / national / global.

The Rock House All Stars: Kevin McKendree * – Piano, B3, Wurlitzer electric piano, acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals; Yates McKendree – Drums, percussion, electric guitar and lead guitars; John Heithaus – Electric bass guitar; Luke Bulla * – Violin (Daniel and the sacred harp); Tim Gartland – Harmonica (strawberry wine); Nick Jay – Background Voice (The Rumor); Lee Roy Parnell * – Slide Solo (All La Glory); Jimmy Stewart – Dobro, violin, acoustic guitars (Time to Kill, WS Walcott Medicine Show, Daniel and the Sacred Harp); and, Oliver Wood * – Guitar Solo (WS Walcott Medicine Show.) Engineering by Kevin McKendree. Artwork by Chris Baron, CGB Media UK and wepugh. * designates the Grammy nominee and / or winner.


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