Ginger Billy posts hilarious parody of Lil Durk and Morgan Wallen’s “Broadway Girls” nicknamed “Redneck Girls”

Respiratory therapist turned actor Ginger Billy made country music fans laugh again. The redhead comic dropped its “Broadway Girls” parody called “Redneck Girls” on Monday, January 3.

The South Carolina native kicked off the New Year by poking fun at Lil Durk’s recently released “Broadway Girls,” which stars megastar Morgan Wallen. The rowdy party track shows a new side of the ‘Sand In My Boots’ singer as he pushes his musical limits and interweaves hip-hop elements with his deep southern twang.

In the clip, Dirk and Wallen tell the story of a girl they met at Jason Aldean’s bar in Honky-Tonk Town. “I met her at Aldean’s / she said she saw me walking about a mile away / Bean must have picked up her phone and that just made her smile / she said I’m too drunk and crazy she don’t like the way i dance / i said you didn’t have to participate / she said she would take a chance / i’ve been a little crazy since this happened / i lose me a bit and that’s what I found / girls like you just wanna take me around, around and around / there are two things you are going to find out / they don’t like you, and they only like you right now / if i was smarter i would have stayed on my ass at home and leave the broadway girls alone / broadway girls alone / broadway girls alone… ”

After hearing the lyrics to the club-ready song, Billy called on emerging country artist Brandon Hartt to join him in his hilarious performance. Similar to its other content, the lyrics describe what it’s like to be the Red Neck. Therefore, the revolutionary star replaced “Broadway Girls” with “Redneck Girls”.

“I met her at Applebee’s / she smokes menthols / said she smokes a pack a day / uses a bottle of Bud Light like it’s an ashtray / She gets drunk and flirting while pulling on my pants” , Billy sings in the chorus.

Billy and Hartt brought the funny lyrics to life in an outrageous music video that illustrates their take on a redneck woman. Throughout the three-minute clip, the whiteness of fan Billy handing over a drunk girl in a small town bar. While sipping a red solo cup, he encourages his listeners to “leave the redneck girls alone.”

The action-packed music video immediately grabbed attention on social media as it garnered thousands of views on YouTube and Instagram. “Damn yeah, finally a real song about us redneck girls 👏👏👏,” one fan shared in the comments. “It’s so awesome and legitimate a banger. I would play with the windows down and the radio up,” said another.

Ginger Billy; Photo courtesy of YouTube

As music lovers praise the comedian for his unexpected voice and witty take on the smash hit, he turned to Instagram stories to promote his live shows. The newcomer is set to embark on his Ginger Billy’s Backwoods Comedy Tour on Saturday, Jan.8 in Ashland, Ky.

The world of comedy is new to Billy as he recently burst into the industry full time after the peak of the global health crisis. The decision to change careers was made easy for the aspiring comedian – when someone told him to shave his beard which brought in money.

“With the restrictions and everything, they said if I was going to work I had to shave my beard,” Billy revealed to The Daily there. “I make a lot more money with this beard than as a respiratory therapist.”

Shortly after his leap into the limelight, he opened up about the difficulties of becoming a professional comedian. “It sounds cool, but it’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he told the magazine. “Because every day people come up to me like, ‘Dude, I love you’, which is the coolest thing in the world for me … but the downside is that your income is based on you, that’s the trick. If I pull out a video and it doesn’t get 5 million views, I think it’s a failure. Now I’m so picky about what I post that I think I hurt myself because I’m going to work my butt to make a video and then be like “that’s not good enough”.

While he can be tough on himself, he has delivered premium content over the past few months. In fact, his work caught Granger Smith’s attention. Billy was recently seen with Smith’s alter ego Earl Dibbles Jr. enjoying country life in Texas.

For any country fanatic looking to laugh the night away, tickets are currently available for purchase to see Ginger Billy live and in person.

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