Fideles reinvents single “Otherside” from Monolink’s latest album “Under Darkening Skies”

Hailing from Taranto in southern Italy and made up of Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti, Fideles are renowned for crafting music that perfectly balances epic and melodic. They’ve produced a remix of Monolink’s track “Otherside” for release on Embassy One Records that adds even more depth and atmospheric synths to the already ethereal track from the German electronic music stalwart.

Paired with monolinkthe very moving lyrics and soothing voice of, Faithful‘ heavy bass and melodic riffs gave the track an energetic, clubby alter ego that instantly creates dance floor hysteria. Filled with tribalist synth hooks, the nearly seven-minute track transcends through a journey of powerful soundscapes.

While being led by a driving bass line, the Italian duo’s subtle elements layered on top of each other, gradually building up emotion and energy as they progressed. The remix resonates perfectly with monolinkThe lyrics ask “Am I losing my mind? Welcome to the other side” with the track’s bassline slowly building until the almost supernatural hook kicks in.

Faithful have already made their mark on the global dance music scene with releases on a wide range of imprints like Bedrock, Poker Flat, Stil Vor Talent and more recently Beyond, inner visions and Corresponding. With their signature sound combining a potent blend of haunting layers, hypnotic percussion and euphoric swells, Fideles have captured the attention of the most influential names in the underground scene such as Laurent Garnier, Solomon, and Jobse job.

In 2018, their single “Resonant” was included on Tale of usfabric97 compilation CD, while “Lotus” was featured on Life after death‘s’realm of consciousness‘ Compilation.

With over a dozen years of experience in their back pockets, Faithful are only aiming for the top, with more of their timeless pieces destined to enchant dance floors around the world.

German singer-songwriter and producer of electronic music monolink is a household name in the scene due to being a fascinating and versatile musician with a song narrative structure that compels the forward thrust of electronic beats. Guitar chords melt into synth pad sounds, hypnotic bass vibes meet emotional vocals, and passionate physicality meets sublime stimulation for the mind.

Listen to the tracks below.