Fans think this hints at Olivia Rodrigo’s collaboration!


RED (Taylor’s Version) is set for release this year, and eagle-eyed fans are already trying to find the meaning of its post!

Taylor is known to drop Easter Eggs linked to her album every time she publishes an article. Recently, fans debated the meaning of her “RED” ring, which she was seen wearing in the photo. The only connection they could make was with Olivia, and honestly, we think they might be onto something!

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Taylor Swift’s ‘RED’ ring explored

On June 18, Taylor confirmed that the album would finally be available to his fans. In the middle of that, her post gave a glimpse of the singer’s ring on her right hand. If you think you’ve seen the ring before, you’re right.

In March 2021, Olivia revealed that she had received a handwritten note and a gift from Taylor following the success of her song. Driving license. During the interview, Olivia also showed off her ‘RED’ ring that she received.

Olivia said: “Last night, literally about 12 hours ago, I received a package from her with this as a handwritten note. She gave me this ring because she said she wears one like her when she wrote red and she wanted me to have one like this.

Rumors of collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo explored

Rumors about Olivia and Taylor’s collaboration started ever since the subject of the ring came on the scene. Now, with Taylor wearing the ring on her post, fans seem to think the rumors might be true.

One user wrote: “It’s so strange that Olivia and Taylor have been silent on each other’s outings… I can smell a collaboration on Red TV.” Another added: “What if Red Taylor’s Version had a collaboration with Olivia Rodrigo ??”

“If taylor and olivia collaborate on red, I will literally die,” wrote another fan. So far, neither Olivia nor Taylor have confirmed this news.

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Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo’s relationship explored

Olivia has always been a huge Taylor fan. In fact, in her January 2021 interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Olivia admitted that she was “the tallest Swiftie in the whole world.”

Following the success of Driving licenseTaylor did not hesitate to praise Olivia. Taylor wrote: “I say it’s my baby and I’m really proud.” Recently the two even met at the BRIT Awards.

Olivia shared a photo with Taylro on her Instagram. Within minutes, he got thousands of likes.

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