Edgerunners stuns in epic new official clip

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Cyberpunk: EdgerunnersWhereas netflixthe animated series Cyberpunk: Edge Runners continues to garner accolades for its story, animation, and visual design, its stellar music hasn’t received as much attention. However, a new music video featuring the show’s protagonists, David and Lucy, suggests it’s only a matter of time before the show’s soundtrack gets due recognition.

Based on the action-oriented, open-world role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, the story follows the adventures of high school student David Martinez who one day, after the death of his mother, learns that she was working with a gang of criminals to steal coveted military technology. After implanting the technology in his own body, David agrees to work for the gang to pay off the debt his mother owed for not delivering the technology untethered. Under the guidance of other gang members, especially Lucy, David quickly proves a natural edgerunner.


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The music video, which features Rosa Walton Cyberpunk 2077 song, I really want to stay with you, documents the development of David and Lucy’s relationship from strangers to co-workers, romantic interests, and their rise as “go-to” agents of the gang. Additionally, as the music video is taken from scenes from the series, it also offers viewers a capsule of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners Incredibly visceral animation and, for those who’ve never played the video game, a sense of what life is like in Night City, the 21st-century ultra-tech metropolis where much of the game and entertainment takes place. anime.

Everything that does Cyberpunk: Edge Runners So awesome in one place

The lyrics, melody and tone of the song are perfectly edited with the video to capture the up, down and up nature of David and Lucy’s relationship. Having just lost his mother, David is in a vulnerable emotional state which Lucy first takes advantage of but then begins to regret after learning that David is not like the thugs she normally hangs out with. David is tough, though; and if he is disappointed to have been deceived, he is not hurt, and just a little intrigued by this woman as tough as him. Exploring the intersection of love, music and technology, the video reveals the ultimate relationship at the heart of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners.

With the music becoming so integral to cyberpunk chic, it was necessary for the anime to have a great soundtrack. Without making the music a key trait of the anime, the feel would be something very different from what fans expect from the cyberpunk world in general, and Cyberpunk: Edge Runners especially. A rhythmless cyberpunk anime doesn’t look like an anime at all. By producing a music video that marries cool sounds with dazzling animation shows that Netflix and the creators of Cyberpunk: Edge Runners understand this concept.

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Cyberpunk: Edge Runners is now available on Netflix.