Dwayne Johnson wows fans with his ‘midnight therapy’ in the gym!

Actor Dwayne Johnson back to the gym!

If there’s one thing fans love more than The Rock’s insane cheat meals, it’s his intense gym workouts. The ‘Red Notice’ actor takes his time in the gym seriously, and he didn’t hide anything from his fans in his latest Instagram video.

Dwayne Johnson is ready to “earn great” at the gym!

In the video, it’s unclear how much weight Johnson is lifting, but it’s clear he’s giving it his all as the Black Sabbath-appropriate theme song “Iron Man” plays in the background.

“Midnight therapy in the IP after a long day at work – my shrinks are the chains you hear clicking,” he joked.

“Training in my new @projectrock gear is down 2/3,” he added. The new gear will be part of his “Earn Greatness” collection. He also included the hashtags of his production studio, Seven Bucks Productions.

While at the gym, Johnson took a moment to reflect on his success.

“In 1995 I graduated from college in May and I’m ready to go out and take on the world,” he wrote. “In October, I was completely broke with $7 in my pocket.” The spare change in his pocket is what ultimately inspired the name of his production company.

Dwayne Johnson: ‘It may sound crazy, but it works for me’


“I was hit with a month of depression and Thanksgiving, I said ‘F— this ~ I’m broke as hell, but someday I won’t be’ and pulled myself out of the funk and j ‘put my a- to work,’ he continued.

“These days I’m not broke BUT I keep daily mental reminders all around me for guidance and motivation,” he added. “It may sound crazy, but it works for me. I know this works for many of you too.

He ended the post by writing, “Have a productive day.” It included the hashtags #ironparadise, #earngreatness and #f—thisphilosophy.

Many fans loved The Rock’s positive attitude and lit up the post with fire emojis. The post garnered over a million likes in just four hours from fans inspired by her commitment to fitness.

“My shrinks are the chains you hear knocking”, fitness trainer Senada Greece quoted alongside a cheering emoji. “Movement in therapy.”

The ‘Jungle Cruise’ actor seems to be giving his fans a lot of motivation lately, as he recently shared some of the secrets to his success over the weekend.

Dwayne Johnson reveals his personal philosophy to fuel his success

Dwayne Johnson at the gym
Instagram / therock

On Instagram, Johnson posted a series of sweaty snaps of him in the gym. He could be seen wearing a navy shirt with the words “Respect the Grind” on it.

“Late night, gratitude and growth,” he wrote. In one of the photos, he’s wearing a blue hoodie with the logo of his production studio, Seven Bucks Productions, emblazoned across his chest. In yellow characters, under the drawing of a male, it is written “Grind – Gratitude – Growth”.

“I’m going to share with you a little philosophy that has helped me succeed over the years,” he continued.

“When it comes to hard work and the things I’m passionate about – years ago I stopped saying ‘I must’ and started saying ‘I can’,” he explained. . “Big psychological shift in how you approach everyday life – we have to get it over with,” he added alongside a ticked emoji.

Dwayne Johnson at the gym
Instagram / therock

“I ‘get’ to train hard and push myself to the breaking point,” he continued. “I manage to get kicked and I come back stronger. I happen to be the hardest fucking worker in the room. Because when you “get” to do the things you love, it’s a privilege.

He encouraged his fans to “Try to go from ‘must’ to ‘get to’ and start feeling that grind and gratitude and growth.”

“I’ll see you there,” he wrote. He tagged @projectrock and included the hashtags #earngreatness, #sevenbucks and #1995 at the end of the post.

Fans lit up the post with fire emojis, including her energy drink brand ZOA, who commented with three clapping hands emojis. News site Upwrothy wrote “Broooo”.

“It’s about the drive, it’s about the power, we stay hungry, we devour,” wrote a fan, quoting the lyrics to Tech N9ne’s song “Face Off,” which featured Joey Cool, King Iso and Johnson himself.