Duo Marcellus release their first single – Eagle News Online


After several years of fine tuning, a musical duo from Marcellus has finally released their first single.

Made up of friends Kate Ellen Dean and Steve Sopchak, the duo known as Faster Horses released the introductory track, titled “Somebody’s Second”, shortly after midnight on Friday, December 17th.

The song begins with the lively strumming of an acoustic guitar before a build-up that brings up a slide game reminiscent of “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow of the Flying Burrito Brothers.

These instrumental keys are accompanied by close harmonies with the hints of a drumbeat and a robust bassline.

Upon inspection, the lyrics deal with the deterioration of a romantic relationship and a breakup exemplified by the proverbial “fork in the road”, a place where the narrator stayed the course while the other decided to step aside. of this route.

Beyond that point, some infidelity is brought up with the mention of a broken promise to return a call and deceptive privacy on a rooftop in upstate New York.

This all culminates in the rejection of the singer’s apology, as she instead opts for a reason to leave the light on at night for her partner.

“I just want to be more than someone’s second,” Dean hums of an actual breakup she described on the band’s official website, fasthorses.band, as “muddy and tough.”

At this point, however, Dean has stated that she sees the song as something of a time capsule with memories of that upsetting but healed part of her life.

Faster Horses, it must be said, should not be confused with the various musical groups in Texas or the Michigan Festival, but the appreciation of country music is shared by all three.

Overall, “Somebody’s Second” leaves behind a breadcrumb trail of American folk and traditional songwriting influences with a sound reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt’s sadly-tinged ballad and semi-country-pop sensibilities. bygone Taylor Swift.

Work on the song and its next parent album began in 2014 when Dean and Sopchak traveled to Lake Champlain for a writing session, although the two had met at Marcellus High School about a decade earlier.

Since then, the lyrics, verse structure and melody of what later became “Somebody’s Second” according to Dean have changed significantly, but the theme and “backbone” have remained intact, she said.

The current Brooklyn resident also designed the single’s artwork on her own.

She separately performed music locally with her family in The Dean Brothers Band and as a teenage member of punk rock band Jackson’s Kid Summer.

Sopchak, who is still stationed in Syracuse, worked from his multi-studio recording facility to score the Netflix documentary series “Fearless” and contribute music for Coca-Cola’s “1000 Name Celebration” campaign and movie trailers, including those for “Colossal”, “Early Man” and “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”.

The group’s debut album, “Letting Go”, is slated for release in 2022.

The song “Somebody’s Second” can now be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes.