Drew Baldridge Posts “Stay At Home Dad”, Shares 10 Favorite Father’s Day Songs That Look Like Nashville


Drew Baldridge commemorates Father’s Day this year with the release of his touching new song, “Stay At Home Dad”, officially released today (June 18). In the tune co-written by Baldridge, Tyler Chambers, Dylan Marlowe and Nick Schwarz, the singer comes up with a clever pun as he remembers being a young child begging his father not to go to work.

“Stay home, daddy / Don’t you want to go fishing?” / Throw the ball in the back / If you do, I’ll do the dishes / I miss you mom and me badly / I’ll be the man until you get back / If that’s not asking too much, stay at home home, daddy, sings Baldridge in the choir.

In the second verse, Baldridge sings about welcoming his own son to the world, and as he and his father watch his new baby sleep in the hospital nursery, his father reminds him of the “hurt” that will come. when his son begs him to stay home. The song emphasizes the importance of Baldridge’s relationship with his own father and the singer, who married in May, is already thinking about his relationship with his future children.

“I was really lucky in life to have a dad who worked multiple times to make sure that me, my brother and my mom had everything we ever wanted,” Baldridge explained with Looks like Nashville, exclusively. “There was nothing I loved more than going fishing or playing ball with him in the garden, but when he worked so hard it wasn’t something we could always do. So now that I’m getting married and thinking about having my own kids, I know it’s gonna ring true with my kids saying “stay home daddy” because I’m gonna have to leave so much to go on tour. I just hope I can still be half the dad my dad was.

To support the release and celebrate Father’s Day, Baldridge also shares 10 songs that remind him of his own father.

1. Alabama – “Born Country”: It was the first country song my dad ever played to me. I remember he had it on an old mix tape in his truck and we sang it everywhere we went.

2. John Anderson – “Money in the Bank”: This song was also featured on this mixer tape. I can still hear my father singing the phrase “money in the baaaaaaank” haha.

3. Trace Adkins – “Rough and ready”: It was a song I started playing in bars when I was 17 and it became my dad’s favorite song. For years, it was her ringtone when I called her.

4. Drew Baldridge – “It Is Well With My Soul”: The very last song from my first album that I released is called Dirt on us was “It’s good with my soul.” And what’s so special is that my dad and uncle Doug came into the studio and sang harmonies on it. I still cry when I listen to it.

5. Gaither’s – “Because He Lives”: I grew up singing in church with my dad, and it was a song he always sang as a special on Easter Sunday. Then, as I got older, I started singing with him. This song still brings back so many memories to me every time I hear it.

6. Alabama – “Angels Among Us”: My dad was a school teacher and he actually sang this song as a special in our school’s Christmas program when I was in grade one. And that was the same year that I had my first concert as a singer.

7. Eric Church – “Smoke a Little Smoke”: This was another song I later started singing in bars when I was 17 and my dad loved it. Every time I sang this song I looked at the crowd and my dad had the biggest smile on his face and said every word.

8. Johnny Cash – “Rock Island Line”: I played this song at a bar one night with my dad and even today every time he comes to one of my shows he yells at me to play it. It’s by far her favorite song that I sing lol. It was also my grandfather’s favorite song. So every time I sing this song, I think of them.

9. Foreigner – “Jukebox Hero”: Foreigner was my dad’s favorite band. He would tell me stories about how he had seen them live more than 10 times. We used to get in his truck and jam the jukebox hero with the volume blazing!

10. George Strait – “The Best Day”: Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but think of my dad. We used to go night fishing on the river near my house and when I hear this song it brings me back to that time. I was lucky to have the best dad ever.


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