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The revealing new book from former White House press secretary and Melania Trump spokesperson Stephanie Grisham, I will answer your questions now, has provided some of the most intimate details to date about the state of the Trump marriage during former President Donald Trump’s four-year tenure. But one anecdote in particular that Grisham shared once again concerned us with the intimidating behavior of the former Commander-in-Chief, try as the author does to describe it as a ‘playful’ moment between husband and wife. . Describing Trump’s particular admiration for James Brown’s song “It’s a Man’s World” (one of the songs used to calm him down in times of extreme anger), Grisham describes a night he blew up the song in front of the door of a sleeping Melania, and it’s hard not to read later in the moment.

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Here is the anecdote: “One day, while we were listening to music, the president, in a wacky mood, stood up, grabbed a loudspeaker and led him to the door of the bedroom. his cabin. The room was dark, since Mrs. Trump was sleeping (of course). Trump picked up the speaker, turned up ‘It’s a man’s world’ to the highest volume, and raised it above his head so that the music filled the room.

Grisham says “of course” because Melania apparently had a well-documented love for the nap: what she says next is more difficult to understand.

“Although I was laughing, part of me thought, ‘Oh shit, I don’t want to be here if Mrs Trump gets up,’” Grisham writes. “She never did. He did it to be playful with his wife, not cruel, and she certainly didn’t take it any other way.

There’s a contradiction in the way Grisham tells this story: If she really believed it was an entirely playful move, then why was she concerned about the idea of ​​Melania awakening? For this observer, the anecdote reads like a classic bullying tactic: throwing loud music at someone to wake them up from sleep, and especially doing it in front of an audience, sends the following message: “I can do this. that I want from you, and no. one will help you.

Earlier this year, actress Esme Bianco described The cup abuse she allegedly suffered from singer Marilyn Manson – and mentions one of her break-through tactics was to control her sleep schedule. “He dictated to her what she could wear (she says he preferred her in a short pencil dress with stockings),” the article says, “her sleep schedule (” I was often violently shaken for myself. wake up if I fell asleep without permission ”, she said California Assembly), and when she could come and go from the apartment (she says she didn’t have a key).

Then there’s Trump’s favorite song to wake Melania up: “It’s a man’s world.” Grisham is clearly aware of the implications of the song, hence her writing in her book that she had “spoken about. [Trump] to include the song in his rallies because it wouldn’t have been a good look for him. She also pretends to James Brown’s Story of Abusing the Women in His Life, via an utterly surprising quote attributed to Trump.

“He was making us watch a looping black and white video that showed James Brown singing the song live,” Grisham writes. “The president would provide a common comment: ‘Look at this’,’ He’s a great performer, ” You know, they say he was abusive, I don’t know. “

Melania never came out of her bedroom after the Trump stunt, according to Grisham’s account, so we’ll never know how “playful” she found him after all. But those with a history of bullying or abusive relationships won’t so easily erase this description of Trump’s behavior – or at least I haven’t. Grisham says throughout the book that she wishes she had spoken more, done more to combat dishonesty and corruption within the White House where she served. This passage suggests that she has yet to master that level of frankness.

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