Last weekend (February 4), Desiigner released a new song titled “BAKIN” which has quite a backstory. The track is produced by electro/pop DJ and producer Slushii, as well as DJ Whoo Kid, famous for his work in the early 2000s with 50 Cent. DJ Whoo Kid recently joined The Wendy Williams Show, currently hosted by Jay Pharoah and Michael Rapaport to promote the song.

While discussing how the song came together, Whoo Kid mentioned that he hooked up with Desiigner because he heard the rapper slept with his former girlfriend. Upon discovering this, he was also listening to the beats Slushii had sent him, and eventually all the related points: “A producer named Slushii, who was introduced to me by Steve Aoki, a very popular DJ who I assume all of White L “America knows, sent me some beats. I heard two of them, and at the same time my cousin called me and he was like, ‘Yo, I think rapper Desiigner slept with your girlfriend. ‘ So I was like, ‘What?.’ So while I was hearing the beats, I was calling Desiigner to curse him.”

DJ Whoo Kid went on to say that after their argument over who slept with whom, they finally agreed to create a song together: “I called Desiigner, I curse him, there are so many people here, why sleep with my ex-daughter So I’m yelling at him, and he’s yelling back. All of a sudden, I’m like, ‘Yo, why don’t we stop fighting, and I’ll send you this beat. You rap to this beat, and if you kill it, I don’t mind you sleeping with my ex-daughter, you can have it.'”

Although it seems like a weird way to make amends, the song actually made for some intriguing titles. Alongside this bizarre story about DJ Whoo Kid’s ex, the music video for “BAKIN” includes some of late beloved actor Bob Saget’s final screen appearances, as he cooks in the kitchen with Desiigner in the visuals.

Check out DJ Whoo Kid’s conversation about Desiigner and “BAKIN” below.