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Like the play, the music is arguably the best part of the Dear Evan Hansen movie adaptation. Because the film’s story involves some of the main characters, primarily Evan, making questionable decisions, it’s crucial that the songs capture the character’s inner emotion so that audiences don’t turn on them.

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The film brings back 9 songs from the play and introduces 2 new songs that flesh out some important supporting characters. The songs in the movie are mostly smaller, personal numbers sung by only a character or two, but there are also a few big numbers mixed up.

11 If i could tell her

Evan and Zoe sit at the table in Dear Evan Hansen

In an attempt to make Zoe feel better about her relationship with Connor and to spend more time with her, Evan sings about all the little things he loves about Zoe, from Connor’s perspective.

While it’s nice that Evan noticed all these little details about Zoe and brightens up that her brother actually cares about her, the song is also a little scary. Not only does Evan reveal the depth of his obsession with this girl he barely knows, but he also uses his late brother to flirt with her.

ten Only U.S

Evan and Zoe smile outside in Dear Evan Hansen

After spending a lot of time together and creating some tension and chemistry, Zoe finally tells Evan that she has feelings for him. The song expresses Zoe’s desire to focus solely on the two of them rather than constantly talking and thinking about everything that has happened.

It’s a sweet moment in the story, but the song itself is correct when it comes to romantic love songs. The lyrics address Evan’s insecurities and reveal that Zoe truly cares about him as a person. There is also a hint of sadness in the song as the audience realizes that Evan didn’t have to lie for Zoe to love him and condemn their relationship needlessly.

9 So big / so small

Evan and Heidi are chatting on the couch in Dear Evan Hansen

In her only song in the film, Heidi sings about the day Evan’s father left them and how it touched them both, promising that she will never leave him alone and that she will always be there for the sake of it. ‘help when he needs her.

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The song isn’t the most musically impressive as it mostly focuses on storytelling. Still, it’s a touching and sweet song that reveals Heidi’s love and dedication. It’s a satisfying emotional reward for the story between Evan and Heidi.

8 A little bit closer

Connor looks dejected in the halls of the school in Dear Evan Hansen

The film’s final number is “A Little Closer”, a new original song added for the film adaptation. The song is sung by Connor via an old video of him in rehab that Evan finds and shares with the Murphys.

The song is a solid closing track because it gives hope for the future. The lyrics remind audiences that progress often doesn’t come in giant breakthroughs but rather in small steps that accumulate over time. This feeling captures Evan’s growth as a character as he doesn’t fix his entire life with a grand gesture at the end, but rather commits to making progress every day.

7 Requiem

Zoe Murphy sits in the audience in Dear Evan Hansen

As each member of the Murphy family receives emails from Evan with Connor, each of them has a unique reaction and deals with the loss in a different way. The song “Requiem” reflects each of their responses.

The song is a powerful representation of how people deal with grief and loss in their own way, with a dark and haunting melody. The lyrics of the chorus are expertly written to take on different meanings depending on the character singing them.

6 Forever

The Murphys smile and kiss on the couch in Dear Evan Hansen

Evan’s first real indulgence in lying comes in the form of the song “For Forever”, in which he recounts an imaginary journey he and Connor took to the orchard. He claims the trip caused him to fall and break his arm, but Connor was there to help him so it was okay.

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In itself, this is a calming song filled with beautiful lyrics. In the context of the larger story, the song is heartbreaking as it highlights Evan’s loneliness as he recounts how he injured his arm, but with a different ending where someone was there for the to help.

5 Words fail

Evan stands by his locker in Dear Evan Hansen

Evan is finally outspoken and tells the truth about his relationship with Connor in order to keep the Murphys from turning on each other. He doesn’t really have an explanation for his actions and this song is the best he can muster.

“Words Fail” is arguably one of the saddest songs of all musicals. It’s an absolutely devastating number that’s incredibly painful to listen to or watch as the truth descends on Evan and he’s forced to face the consequences of his choices.

4 Anonymous

Evan and Alana work on a laptop in Dear Evan Hansen's library

A new addition to the film adaptation, “The Anonymous Ones” is Alana’s song in which she talks about her own experience of depression and anxiety and tells Evan that there are a lot more people out there who are. keep their mental health issues a secret.

Yes Dear Evan Hansen wants to join the ranks of musical films that have won an Oscar, “The Anonymous Ones” is his best chance. The original song is moving and inspiring with the deck lyrics of “the parts we can’t say, we wear them well, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t heavy,” becoming one of the most popular mantras. most powerful of the film.

3 Regards, me

Evan and Jared work on a computer in Dear Evan Hansen

Evan asks Jared to help him create a series of emails that will prove Evan and Connor’s friendship. The two reflect on different topics of conversation and activities that they can hint at in the emails for the song “Sincerely, Me”.

The song is by far the most jazzy and fun song. While all the other songs are slower and more moving, “Sincerely, Me” is a song full of energy that lets the character relax a bit. The issue also reveals Evan’s pent-up desire for friendship, as his imaginary conversations are awkward but sweet and endearing.

2 You will be found

Ben Platt as Evan Hansen in Dear Evan Hansen

When Evan gets up to speak at Connor’s memorial, he stumbles in the first half of his speech and drops his index cards. He begins to sing the song “You Will Be Found”, letting everyone who watches him know that they are not alone.

The song is arguably the biggest number in the film, building on an ensemble of vocals singing the chorus’s encouraging statement, with the promise that “you will be found” becoming one of the most famous quotes from the song. Dear Evan Hansen musical. The song is a catchy and touching track that speaks directly to the film’s central message that no one is ever truly alone.

1 Waving through a window

The first song in the movie is also the best. The film begins with Evan singing “Waving Through A Window” as he prepares and walks towards school, where he feels lonely even in the midst of a crowd. Evan is the best character in the movie, and this song perfectly captures his personality while also setting the tone for the movie.

In this catchy and high issue, Evan expresses his loneliness, wonders if anyone would notice if he was gone, and introduces the motif of the tree imagery story. It immediately communicates all of the character’s essentials in the form of a catchy and relevant song that audiences are sure to sing when they leave the theater.

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Ben Platt in the drama and film version of Dear Evan Hansen

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