Dead By Daylight’s Scariest Killers


What better way for horror fans to fake the rush to survive a killer than in a co-op game like Death by the light of day? Unlike other survival horror games, Death by the light of day challenge four Survivors to try and escape against a supernatural-powered killer using nothing but their wits. To stay true to the horror media, Death by the light of day Slayers have a wide array of supernatural abilities linked to mysterious origins.

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However, with over 20 killers to choose from, newcomers might have a hard time finding an antagonist that suits their playstyle. Luckily, gamers looking for that fear factor can count on a handful of killers to help them out. do the job properly.

The pig

The pig with a victim

Amanda Young’s origins come from her source franchise, Seen, where she becomes an avid Jigsaw fan after surviving her test. Sadly, Amanda perishes after abandoning Jigsaw’s philosophy of “rediscovering” the meaning of life through death games. As Amanda dies in the movies, the Entity captures Amanda’s essence, transforming her once again into a pig.

Aside from the horrific Billy the Puppet, the most iconic image of the Seen the franchise is Amanda Young in the Pig Mask. What’s more terrifying is that Amanda’s base ability attaches a timed death trap to survivors, which already adds layers of fear to every match.

The clown

The clown in Dead By Daylight

Under the pseudonym, Jeffrey Hawk, Kenneth Chase or the Clown of “Chapter 8: Curtain Call” originally had a fascination with collecting feathers which turned into collecting human fingers. Through a clown disguise and anesthetic, the Clown lured the victims to his camp and retrieved their prettiest finger, throwing the rest of the body after the torture. When other circus people chased him away, the clown stumbled into the black fog.

What could be more terrifying than a killer clown? Despite the Clown’s rather attractive outfit, his sinister smile and remarkable reflexes reinforce the Killer’s weird and frightening nature. While not a “ghost” or “monster,” the very real possibility of a strange clown can horrify players even outside of a match.

The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly in Dead By Daylight

As part of the original Killer Trio in the game’s release, the Hillbilly is inspired by Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Born Max Thompson Jr., he unfortunately suffered abuse from his parents due to his disfigurement. During his escape, Max wasted no time slaughtering his parents and preying on the animals on their farm.

Unfortunately, what’s terrifying about Hillbilly is how close her story is to reality, as it deals with topics such as child abuse. The lack of a supernatural element in Hillbilly’s story brings him closer to the real world than the other killers.

The executioner

The executioner in Dead By Daylight

Herald of the “Chapter 16: Silent Hill” DLC, Pyramid Head the Executioner wields his gigantic blade in a wave of endless punishment. However, this time Pyramid Head is blessed by the malicious entity itself instead of the dark powers of Silent Hill.

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Aside from its origins as the acclaimed horror title, silent Hill converging with Death by the light of day adds an extremely personal layer to Dark Fog and Realms. In addition to depicting executioners in Silent Hill’s past, Silent Hill 2 also reveals that Pyramid Head served as a manifestation of the guilt and lust of protagonist James Sunderland. Having Pyramid Head hunt survivors meant the entity can use their own inner fears to torment and punish them.


The plague in Dead By Daylight

Introduced in the DLC “Chapter 11: The Death of the Worshipers”, Adiris the Plague once served in the ancient Temple of Purgation in Babylon. As a horrific plague swept through the city, Adiris tried but failed to persist thanks to his faith. Sadly, Adiris herself succumbs to the plague, only for the entity to save her in her last breath.

With her past in mind, Adiris is the oldest of the game’s “once-alive” killers. However, what makes her scarier is the fact that Adiris may not have gone through anything to be herself. turn to evil in order to punish humans. Instead, Adiris becoming the plague through the entity meant the strength of faith didn’t matter.

The Legion

The Legion in Dead By Daylight

As the name suggests, the “Chapter 10: Dark Among Us” Legion consists of four people. When offender Frank Morrison met Julie and her friends Joey and Susie, he pulled them out of their “boring” lives. Putting on their masks in an abandoned lodge, Frank would be accompanied by the trio on nights of theft, vandalism and intimidation. When those carefree nights turned into accidental murder, the quartet knew there was no turning back.

Among the game’s killers, it is the Legion that perhaps gives a terrible picture of the impact of peer pressure. Tradition has it that it’s Frank’s strong hold over his impressionable friends that compels them to do horrible things with him.


The Doctor in Dead By Daylight

From the “Chapter 4: Spark of Madness” DLC, Herman Carter’s expertise in human psychology has caught the attention of the CIA. What initially appeared to be studies of the human psyche eventually turned into an experimental interrogation. Eventually, his “Project Awakening” led to horrific torture. Though largely absent for a long time, Herman Carter’s fate led him to the Entity, which turned him into a Doctor.

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Perhaps what makes the Doctor scary is how possible the idea of ​​modern torture could be – and more terrifying, hidden. Moreover, it is horrible to think that a malevolent force has given such power to a person who can use their knowledge of the human spirit to destroy others.

The crook

The Trickster in Dead By Daylight

Born a natural showman, Ji-Woon caught the attention of an arts agency that led him to stardom. Unfortunately, fame and being stuck in an idol group made life boring for Ji-Woon. That all changed on a day when the screams of his bandmates trapped in a burning studio became the most beautiful music to his ears.

After their deaths, Ji-Woon became a solo act known as The Trickster, rising to fame by day and bringing together victims to be tortured to beautiful screams at night. When his agency tried to let him go, Ji-Woon also got music from the executives. And that’s when the Fog and Entity consumed him, encouraging him to wait for new victims to bring music.

“Never meet your idols” is the perfect motto for The Trickster. Unlike the other killers, Ji-Woon has the most human appearance, preserving his handsome star-worthy look. What makes it scarier is the fact that what people see in other people shouldn’t be taken at face value. While a superstar becoming a serial killer is an exaggeration, The Trickster can manifest itself in anyone who uses their fame and status to hurt others.

The nightmare

The nightmare in Dead By Daylight

Freddy Krueger shatters the myth of sleep as an intermediary between a bad day and a better tomorrow. As Springwood’s parents tracked down and burned Freddy to death for injuring their children, his mind persisted in nightmares. Courtesy of the “Chapter 6: A Nightmare on Elm Street” DLC, Freddy Krueger shows up as the entity’s assistant under the name The Nightmare.

While his mainstream popularity makes Freddy a “regular” sight for horror fans, the very idea that he exists in the game has terrifying meta implications. For example, it is one thing that the entity is able to “capture” from people to bring them into its realms. However, it is quite another thing to know that sleeping can still make Freddy interfere with a survivor’s nightmares, even in a supposedly “safe” physical space.

The Cenobite

The cenobite in Dead By Daylight

When World War I caused him to lose faith in humanity, Captain Elliot Spencer indulged in a life of hedonistic pleasures. He quickly discovered true pleasure through Pain as he unlocked the Lament setup, swapping his humanity to become the Cenobite “pinhead”. In his heart, Hellraiser‘s Pinhead and other Cenobites unleash these painful pleasures on anyone unlucky enough to open the Configuration. And now the puzzle box is in the entity realm.

Introduced in “Chapter 21: Hellraiser”, the Cenobite proves that there are not enough horrors in the entity realm. In addition to being plagued by the existence of supernatural killers, the Lament setup opens up to an incomprehensible dimension of existence. Similar to Krueger’s nightmares, the canonicity of other malevolent dimensions outside of entity realms proves that nowhere is safe in Death by the light of day.

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