Dave Matthews Shares New Song In Support Of Refugees “Something To Tell My Baby” On “State Of The Union”

Watch: Dave Matthews Shares New Song In Support Of Refugees ‘Something To Tell My Baby’ On ‘State Of The Union’

Yesterday morning (April 17), Dave Matthews was featured on CNN State of the Union to share a song in support of refugees from Ukraine and around the world, titled “Something To Tell My Baby”. Before he started performing, he spoke with host Jake Tapper, who was in Kyiv to interview Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Matthews told Tapper and viewers: “It’s just unfathomable for those of us who are far from it, but it’s not just happening [in Ukraine]. It’s happening in Yemen. It’s happening in Myanmar. It’s happening in Nigeria. It’s happening in Afghanistan, it’s happening in so many places where people are just trying to survive and it’s the violence that doesn’t allow them – and terrible violence. He went on to say, “And so many of us are part of this choir of people who are hoping they can turn the tide, and so I thought I’d join in and raise awareness in any way I can. .”

Matthews then began the song seamlessly accompanied by a string section consisting of cello, viola, and violin. The song, which debuted Feb. 20 with Tim Reynolds at Riviera Maya in Cancún, Mexico, was featured with intercut footage of refugees and live footage of Matthews’ set.

The quiet, emotional call for empathy, hope and awareness began: “You know someday we’re all gonna leave here / Maybe sooner than we wanted to” , string-drawn bows and Matthews’ tenor vocals drove the song to anaphoric musings of “Something that’ll remind them / Something that’ll make them smile when they think about it / Something to say to my baby.”

After the performance, Matthews brought together a few organizations to help alleviate the suffering of people around the world, including the International Rescue Committee and World Central Kitchen. The segment ended with Matthews saying, “Everyone do what you can. And let’s take care of each other, because what’s the point otherwise?

Watch Dave Matthews perform “Something To Tell My Baby” on CNN State of the Union below, and donate to Ukrainian refugees here.