Daily Horoscope: May 9, 2022 | vogue india

See what the stars have in store for your sign.

Being with them is all kinds of magic, Sagittarius. Your time together feels like the kind of adventure you can’t always put into words. So, it’s easy to feel like you don’t know where they end and where you start. What the cards warn you against is getting tangled up in their emotions. Ask yourself how you can give them space to talk about their trauma without making it your only mission to heal/fix them. We get it, Aries! It was a long and lonely road with one heartbreak after another. Should it stop believing in the impossible or believing that the love you desire and deserve is just around the corner? Open your heart *and* your mind, girl. Virgo, this week, you want to say “yes” more than to say “no”, especially if the opportunity to travel presents itself spontaneously. You never know who you might encounter while exploring the uncharted. Something tells us that a vacation romance is on the cards for you right now – the kind that promises to reignite your thirst for life!

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