Crack Cloud Announces New Album “Tough Baby” And Video For New Song “Please Yourself”

Crack Cloud announced their second album, Hard baby, sharing a video for the new song “Please Yourself” with the news. The sequel to the Vancouver collective’s 2020 debut pain olympiads will be released on September 16 via Meat Machine. Check out “Please Yourself” and check out the album cover art and track list below.

Speaking about the new single and video, frontman, drummer and lyricist Zach Choy explained in a statement:

As a child, my room was an altar. The pictures on the wall represented a lot of what I idolized and aspired to be. This kind of deification of pop culture helped reinforce my sense of self-narrative, however fabricated. But it also provided a sense of solidarity…with a subculture that validated insecurities in a personal way. This is what makes the media industry such a profound paradox. It’s as much an inspiration to people as it is an artificial illusion.

The subtext of the video is really this: art is a mechanism for healing and discovery. You learn through it and grow with it. In our culture, we are predisposed to quantifying art, sanctioning it, and manufacturing it. But underneath it all, it’s a form of living inquiry; this is how we learn to unravel the ends of life in order to better understand ourselves and each other.

Hard baby Cover illustration:

Hard baby List of tracks:

1. Danny’s message
2. The Politician
3. Expensive engineering illusion
4. Treat yourself
5. Virtuous industry
6. Tough Baby
7. Criminal
8. 115 at night
9. Afterthought (Sukhi’s Prayer)
10. Crack