Can you spot a whale on these two NH whale watching boats?

With summer approaching, we have boats and cruises in mind.

Recently we wrote about how the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company will soon launch its summer 2022 cruises, including these special party ships that are sure to be a blast and a half. Sometimes you might spot a whale or other deep sea creatures on such a boat, but what if you are exclusively looking to see and observe these animals in their natural habitats?

Luckily, these two New Hampshire whale-watching vessels want it to happen for you.

Granite State Whale Watching in Rye

Granite State Whale Watch is New Hampshire’s “only full-time whale watch” and has been in operation for over 40 years according to their website.

Most GSWW cruises travel to jeffrey ledge, where the cold water provides an ideal environment for creatures like krill and plankton, which the whales love to nibble on. According to the website, this area is home to “the largest population of whales on the New England coast.”

So what animals might you see while you’re here? GSWW says past sightings have included:

“40-ton humpback whales, 70-foot fin whales, minke whales and highly endangered right whales.

The website explains that there is a 99% whale sighting record, so it is very unlikely that you will go without seeing anything. But in case the waters are calm and no one shows up, GSWW will give you a free pass good for the next 365 days.

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Google Street View

Google Street View

This year’s whale watching tours will be offered from June 18 to August 28. Click here to view the schedule and make a reservation.

PS Speaking from experience, these whale watching cruises are a fun time, but best avoided if you are easily prone to seasickness.

Al Gauron Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching in Hampton

Want to experience deep sea fishing in addition to whale watching? You might want to check out Al Gauron Deep Sea Fishing and Whale Watching.

According to them websiteAl Gauron is a family business that has been offering various fishing trips and whale watching cruises to the public for over 75 years.

For those interested in fishing trips, Al Gauron has a variety of selections including day fishing, morning and afternoon mackerel fishing, evening fishing, striped bass fishing, tuna experience etc.

There are also specialized pirate and fireworks cruise options, as well as private charters.

Looking to spot whales instead? The 4 hours of Al Gauron whale watching cruises are offered from June to early September.

Click here for more information or to book.

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