Camp takes time to “process” his new EP

Aaron Camper gained momentum under his new alias Camp with his release in November Therapy.

The Salisbury, Maryland native demands more respect and attention from music lovers with To treat, the second installment of his EP trilogy. For the EP, Camp brings back Kenneth “NSFR” Wright as co-executive producer.

The seven-track project has a vibrant sound that focuses more on uplifting the direction of current R&B that tells the thoughts of someone who has gone through different versions of love.

The most special song is “Ivkyk”, based on piano and other unhurried arrangements that make for great background music.

Camp tells R&B Rated that his To treat EP was inspired by “vulnerability and tension of expression”.

He added, “It’s no longer about hits and charts and everything else and more about going through your journey that is directly related to your craft.”

Championing the courage that goes into seeking therapy to heal through the past, present and future, Camp knows that the true gateway to him “processing and becoming” who he is has and always will be music. .

“I believe telling your stories in real time will always be a ‘must have’ expression of a man,” he told Rated R&B.

Last years Therapy had two singles (“Heavy” and “Issues”) before his arrival, both produced by Anikan & Vader.

Stream CAMP’s new project To treat below.