Beach House’s Once Twice Melody named Billboard’s best-selling album in the US

Beach House's Once Twice Melody named Billboard's best-selling album in the US

Alternative/indie band Beach House hit another milestone this week with their fan-favorite album once twice melody. Based on reports from Fork, the band’s new album topped Billboard’s best-selling album chart this week. What an incredible achievement!

Beach House members Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have made their fans proud with an incredible new album. In November 2021, the announced duo their album once twice melody after not releasing music for several years. The album consists of 18 songs which have been separated into four chapters. The first chapter was released on November 10 Chapter 2 was released on December 8 chapter 3 on January 19 and the final chapter of the album was released on February 18. The group has proven to be a force to be reckoned with due to their cool rollout, unique sound, and compelling visuals. Now they are at the top of the Billboard charts – number 1 in Billboard’s best-selling album sales in the United States, to be exact.

once twice melody sold 20,300 copies within the week, with 70% of those copies coming from vinyl sales. Currently, the musical duo is on their North American and European tours spring 2022 tour announced in November. The tour kicked off February 18 in Pittsburgh, PA at Stage AE. The tour will continue through July 24, landing in cities including Denver, CO, Dublin, IE, Brussels, BE, Louisville, KY, Brooklyn, NY, Montreal, QC and Washington, DC. Congratulations once again to Beach House for an amazing album!

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat