Basscon Records Looks To Light The Stage On ‘Devotions: Chapter I’

Basscon Records is calling on the world’s biggest artists to come together on their brand new series of compilations, Devotions: Chapter I.

A little over a year ago, Basscon Records introduces a whole new concept called the Basscon: recognition series. They searched everywhere for the next rising hard dance superstars and put them together on one compilation album – and the first edition was a big hit, even prompting a second volume. Today, Basscon Records continues to move forward into the future by bringing fans another new compilation dubbed Devotions: Chapter I.

This compilation is inspired by Recognition series because Basscon included emerging talent, but this album is more about showcasing the highest quality of hard dance music. It features artists like Creation, Novakaine, HPNOTIC, LINK, DVRGNTand others found in his list of tracks and only prove that the future is bright for the most difficult styles.

Turn up the volume and light up with Devotions: Chapter I on Spotify or your favorite platform and read on for a deeper dive into the tracks!

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Devotions: Chapter I is full of incredible records and even more incredible producers who are the brains behind it.

From veterans to newcomers to the best of American Hard Dance, this album has it all, starting with a hard trance track by Subshock & Evangelos entitled “Crash & Burn.” DJ Thera then takes us back in time to “Transportationwith old-school hardstyle inspired by celestial trance melodies, as the name suggests. Being the most seasoned veteran on the compilation, it seemed only fitting that DJ Thera would be the one to hit listeners with a blast down memory lane to explore the roots of hardstyle.

Two of Australia’s brightest talents, Suae and Technical, team up on “Dance with the groove” to deliver a bombshell of a record full of crunchy bass drums and retro melodies. The Next Step is the first of many American Hard Dance talents as LINK is looking to get the party started with a peppy, fun and high energy record titled “WITHDRAWAL.” It picks up the tempo and includes an inverted bass drum and a melody so infectious that listeners have no choice but to abandonment and dance the night away.

HPNOTIC then highlight it hypnotic styled on “Satellitewith a powerful, piercing melody that takes listeners straight to the pearly gates of Hard Dance Heaven, backed by deep bass drums that encapsulate the classic hardstyle sound. The second drop keeps the same tempo, but it chooses to change the bass drum to emulate the happy hardcore style and take its euphoric sound to the next level.

Basscon did their homework and enlisted one of America’s highest quality producers in Novakaine with their “Falling Stars” record.

falling stars” is a personal star because in addition to being an absolute smasher, Novakaine does a fantastic job of telling a story and conveying a plethora of emotions in a song. Before earning himself a spot on this album, Novakaine was released on labels such as TC Labs and OneSeventy, which was only a matter of time before a label in his backyard took notice. After this release, it’s an undisputed fact that he’s someone fans should keep tuned into in 2022 and beyond.

Basscon Records newcomer Lucky Rabbit sends an uplifting and positive message on “Grow” about not giving up and always being there no matter the struggle.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to a song that sends a positive message because it can help the most unlikely listener through difficult times. lucky rabbit also delivers punchy inverted bass and an electrifying melody that carries the record and gives it character. Throughout the year, Lucky Rabbit had the honor of officially remixing “come running” by Darren Styles and even earned a release on dirty worksubtag of Wolf Clan. Stay tuned to its frequencies and discover it growth first hand.

The last American artist to honor this album with his presence is Creation. This year alone, the young producer released on royalty free DWX and DYEHARD Records and is now looking to increase her stock with her latest track, “Dreamland.” This track continues to push, starting with a massive, hard psy drop before unleashing into aggressive kickdrums and drifting screams. Kreation then introduces soft vocals that mimic the feeling of floating in the air with a beautiful melody that makes you think you’re really dreaming.

This album ends in style as Basscon brings in another Australian producer, but this time on the raw side of hard dance.

DVRGNT brings his signature bass drums to take listeners on a final journey through the toughest sounds known to man on “DO IT RIGHT.” The first drop will completely obliterate the speakers on any dance floor, and DVRGNT ties it all together nicely at the end with an uplifting tune that will have listeners praying to the hardstyle gods for more.

While the Recognition series focused almost exclusively on emerging talent, Devotions so far, it’s been about showcasing quality, whatever it’s called.

A key takeaway from this album that every listener should walk away with is that America has an abundance of unique producers, and their efforts are finally being recognized by hard-dancing giant in the United States, Basscon. It looks like American Hard Dance has finally grown enough that this bubble is about to burst and the floodgates are opening to usher in a golden era for the scene.

Devotions: Chapter I – List of tracks:

  1. Subshock & Evangelos – Crash & Burn
  2. DJ Thera – Transportation
  3. Suae, Technikal – Dancing with the Groove
  5. HPNOTIC – Satellite
  6. Novakaine – Shooting Stars
  7. Lucky Rabbit – Growing Up
  8. Creation – Dreamland
Basscon Records Devotions: Chapter I

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