Baby boomer guitarist Eric Clapton releases anti-vaxxers protest song


Eric clapton, the British singer-songwriter and arguably the second-best guitarist, continues to take what he perhaps sees as a bold stand against basic measures to protect people from COVID-19. His new song, “This Has Gotta Stop”, seems to be a rallying cry against vaccines and other issues, like Rolling stone Note, at a time when the Delta variant hits unvaccinated people particularly hard.

“I can’t take this BS anymore / It’s gone far enough,” Clapton sings down the track. He arrives with a video clip featuring subtle illustrations of an evil puppeteer, people with swirling eyes, a hypnotic man in a tie, and protesters holding signs reading “Liberty” and “Stop.” He continues, “I knew something was wrong / When you started to rule / I can’t move my hands / I’m sweaty.”

Clapton appears to be alluding to his previous claims about his experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine because Rolling stone points out, and the video features “an illustration of Jam for Freedom, the UK anti-lockdown street artist group that Clapton supports, as well as footage of a world on fire ever since. [environmental] disaster.”

Clapton, who is 76, also complains like some baby boomer parents you know: “I’ve been there / For a long time / I’ve seen it all / And I used to be free .

This song isn’t the first time Clapton has used his music to criticize actions that help prevent deaths and hospitalizations from COVID. Last year’s “anti-containment song” with Van Morrison, “Stand and Deliver,” suggested “that governments that scramble to keep their populations alive somehow steal them,” VF Jordan Hoffman observed. The announcement of this song also led to the recast of Clapton’s racist comments in 1976.

Clapton is set to play next month in Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Texas, including Austin, where I live. Earlier this month, we would have had two intensive care beds available in our area.

On Twitter, the reception of “This Has Gotta Stop” was not quite hot.

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