Artist Juel Anthony is set to change the known limits of hip hop music with his track “Best of me”


A new age hip hop artist, Juel antoine, mixed hip hop with melody in his latest track, ‘Best of me‘to convey his feelings to listeners around the world.

Melodic rap, musically intriguing and conceptually conveying, the last song of Juel antoine tends to be one of the best hip-hop music compositions of our generation. He employs stylized rhythmic vocals with fast and slow beats appropriate to express his inner emotion for one who brings out the best in himself. The main characteristic of hip-hop, which is rap with beats, manifested itself with a divergence in its song ‘Best of me‘. Rather than going fast with the rhymes, he gave the audience a chance to feel the message conveyed through the song. By keeping the tempo low and maintaining the speed, he tried to create groovy tunes in the hip hop genre. His enthusiasm for playing different instruments is evident in his composition.

The artistic talent of a hip-hop artist is recognized by his excellence in mixing rhythms with rap. His last piece is a testament to his deep understanding of this. The song, ‘Best of me‘, is so addictive, you can’t help but lose your footing to the music. It seems that the vocal melody, rhythm and beats are in sync in the creation of the song. Maintaining his fast and slow speed with a soft voice, he gives his song a different but special effect. Juel antoine is really a good human being. He recently made a transition to a spiritual artist. He now wants to help people through his songs. His, this goodness, is reflected in his songs. If you’re a hip-hop lover and want to hear something new with some cool touches, this song comes highly recommended for your playlist. His other songs “icy hot”, “live and direct”, “Daily routine”, “Ok Cool” and many others have captured people’s attention. All his songs are available on Spotify. Fans also began to follow him on his Official facebook and Instagram handles.

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