Art therapy workshop organized for women

The women recently had a blast at an art therapy workshop called “She’s Dignity,” which aimed to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

Linda Venter, Laurette Marais and Riana Barkhuizenn.

The women also wrote their own song lyrics, with their Sweet Caroline inspired melody. Jacquese Lagesse also entertained them with musical performances.

The handsome artist Johan van Graan.

By working in close collaboration, Laurette Marais, Queen of Africa 2020, Ms. Africa Classic 2019 and founder of Moyo Africa Empire also empowered Claudia Dippenaar of J29 Community Care.

Reinette Herbst (Mrs Africa 2019), Monique de Wet and Charlotte du Pless (Woman of Stature Foundation).

The women’s group donated some of the bras, which will be given to beneficiaries of J29 Community Care.
Laurette, the event’s organizer, said the art therapy workshop for women was a project that allowed women to embrace what is spontaneous, joyful and creative.

Claire Roger and Claudia Dippenaar.

“I learned that with dreams and love, there is nothing impossible. This is not the end of my journey, I will continue to fight to make a difference through She’s Dignity to empower women from all walks of life. Throughout my journey, I have had an impact in my community to give hope where there is none, ”she said.

Johan van Graan, Laurette Marais and Jacquese Lagesse.

She also said she believes a woman’s heartbeat is linked to hope and that she will continue to reveal her heart, which is overflowing with love for people.