Are you looking for a cure for insomnia? This list of songs could help you sleep

Rest is absolutely necessary for good health and a good mood, but many people find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Science has explored possible minimally invasive treatments, many of which aim to alleviate worry and promote relaxation. But the cure for insomnia seems easier than you think: certain songs could help us sleep.

A playlist created by DJ and sleep specialist Tom Middleton has been endorsed by several scientists for its beneficial effects. His album titled Better sleep contains acoustic sounds with slow rhythm that helps you fall asleep. Could this be the definitive cure for insomnia and all its related ailments?

Music scholar worries about insomnia

Since the 1990s, Middleton has been producing music under various names including Reload, Cosmos and The Modwheel. But, besides being a pioneering electronic musician, he has worked as a sound designer, DJ and music producer; including as a certified sleep science coach with mental health first aid training. In addition, he is co-president of the AFEM Health Group.

But all this success didn’t stop the sound scientist from having trouble sleeping. He himself claimed that during his tours he experienced episodes of insomnia, which in part motivated him to create a piece of music to help people sleep.

An album with science-based bedtime songs

For this, he did not work solely on the basis of his inspiration and his musical experience; He also consulted the scientific basis to give it greater validity and provide a certified product to the vast music market.

“What’s on the market right now has never been scientifically proven, it’s not based on real science,” Middleton said of her work. “I thought it would be really interesting to see what research has been done, which sounds are known to be effective, and which noises have been tested.”

The documents and opinions of other experts have been mixed and coordinated with his own experience in his tours as a musician to give an impressive result. “I added to that the intuition that I had developed from playing in festivals and leisure clubs all these years,” he explained.

Music, part of a new sleep routine

To enjoy its benefits, it is best to start listening to the songs before it is time to fall asleep. In this way, we can prepare our body and mind for rest.

Once in bed, it is recommended to close your eyes and try to relax while listening to soft, slow melodies. In theory, the harmony and continuity of the sounds of the Sleep Better album are conducive to emptiness of the mind, to the relaxation of the body as we move towards deep sleep. But it is also known that the gentle sounds of nature and animals can help.

The songs on the record are designed to lower the heart and respiratory rates of those who listen to them and, as a result, lower blood pressure. With this, a sufficiently relaxing effect is sought to lull listeners to sleep.

“So far it has been quite effective,” said its creator. “When we tested it, we noticed that the heart rate slows down and people fall asleep. “

Additional tips for curing insomnia

So everything indicates that it works. Middleton himself has claimed that he and his team need to add a disclaimer to the musical product. “Don’t listen to this while driving, using machines or underwater,” he laughed.

But all is not rosy with this remedy for insomnia. Despite the great benefits that music offers for our health, experts advise against sleeping while listening to it all night. Instead, listening to it before bed and programming it to turn it off is a safer and more convenient way to reap its benefits.

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