‘American Song Contest’: Alexis Cunningham’s act leaves fans saying ‘more Taylor Swift than punk rock’

West Virginia’s Alexis Cunningham performed “Working on a Miracle” in “American Song Contest” and there was a lot of fan reaction on social media. The punk rock track drew plenty of praise from hosts Snoop Dogg and Kelly Clarkson, but Twitter seemed to have other ideas.

Competitors this week include – Stela Cole (Georgia), Bri Steves (Pennsylvania), Bronson Varde (Hawaii), Jared Lee (Massachusetts), Las Marias (Arizona), MARi (New Hampshire), The Crystal Method (Nevada), Savannah Keyes (Utah), NI (Washington) and Allen Stone (Washington).


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“Alexis Cunningham did a miracle for us tonight. Having her on this national stage and talking about her being gay is so important to people. She gave it her all and I hope the best for her! #AmericanSongContest,” one fans noticed. “#AmericanSongContest Song 8 – Show 4 West Virginia – Alexis Cunningham – “Working on a Miracle” Song was good reminding me of the indie tunes I listen to in the background was super good My score – 7, fan rated the performance.

“8. West Virginia – Alexis Cunningham: ‘Working on a miracle’ I was getting more T Swift than punk rock. #AmericanSongContest,” one tweet read. “6- Alexis Cunningham – “Working on a Miracle” – West Virginia A good fast-paced folk song. The melody is quite cute. standout . Middle of the road. #AmericanSongContest,” read one of the comments. “If Alexis Cunningham doesn’t move they better cancel #AmericanSongContest,” one fan exclaimed.

“Alexis Cunningham’s performance of Waiting On A Miracle was absolutely stunning! Her voice is amazing and her vocal range is amazing! I loved the flowers and the stunning visuals and the lesbian rights! I love the couple from the same sex dancing as they showed off their passion! #AmericanSongContest,” one of the tweets read.

What do you think of “Working on a Miracle” by Alexis Cunningham?

‘American Song Contest’ airs Monday at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favorite performances on the NBC website, NBC app, and TikTok. You can also stream songs from your favorite artists on your favorite music streaming app.

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