American Idol’s Catie Turner Launches Touching Song ‘God Must Hate Me’

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Old American Idol contestant Catie Turner is back with a new song, and it’s an emotional song. The track is called “God Must Hate Me” and Turner delves into deep feelings that many fans can relate to.

Turner captured America’s hearts when she entered the talent contest season 16, charming the judges with her quirky style. She reached the Top 7 before being eliminated.

Catie Turner releases new song “God Must Hate Me”

“Have you ever seen someone and thought, ‘Wow, God must hate me’? Turner sings to start the brutally honest new song. “Because he spent so much time on them, and for me, he got lazy. She later sings that she “can’t hold me responsible, so I’ll blame metaphysics.”

Turner teased the song on TikTok earlier this month, writing, “The endless fear of what if I’m not pretty enough to be successful in music.” According to Broadway World, Turner called the song “the most vulnerable song” she has ever released. It can be seen clearly in his voice.

Turner added that the track is about “those times when feelings are so omnipotent, you really start to believe it. That you were wrong. That you’re not good enough. And, that perhaps, a higher power being angry with you is an easier pill to swallow than personal responsibility.


Fans can relate to Turner’s new song

“God Must Hate Me” expressed what many Turner fans have felt in their own lives. The singer reacted to fans’ response to Twitter, writing that it is “both cathartic and beautifully heartbreaking”. She thanked the fans “for trusting me [with your] experiences.”

Turner also wrote that some fans shared “their experience as a trans and how it feels like God has forgotten parts of it.” The 21-year-old said it “made me scream for a good twenty minutes”, adding that she wanted to give everyone a hug.

Since his time American Idol in 2018, Turner released several singles, including the original song “21st Century Machine,” which she performed on the show. She also released an EP titled The sad vegan in 2019.

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