All About Impressionist Opera Singer Merissa Beddows

In a preview of the early release, America’s Got Talent (AGT) Opera singer and season 17 impressionist Merissa Beddows wowed audiences and judges on NBC. Unlike many Episode 4 acts, who have already won a Global Got Talent show, Beddows is virtually unknown to audiences around the world. Showbiz Cheat Sheet did some research and found everything you need to know about Merissa Beddows, who has never been on a reality TV show.

‘AGT’ Season 17 Episode 5: Merissa Beddows Stuns Audiences With Her Opera Singing Impressions

In an advance release video from AGT Season 17 Episode 5, Merissa Beddows takes the stage. She tells the judges that she is a 23-year-old student at the Curtis Institute of Music. Beddows is an opera singer and lets the public know that she represents New York. Before starting, she gives the judges a giant cube with six of her favorite impressions. They understand; Ariana Grande, Snow White, Celine Dion, Siri, Stevie Nicks and her grandmother.

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Although Simon Cowell doesn’t seem amused by the opera singer, he does laugh when she impersonates Ariana Grande. She makes everyone laugh when she imitates her grandmother with glasses and a sheet of music lyrics. The audience applauds and laughs throughout the show. Beddows ends up mimicking Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

It’s not a typical opera singer’s audition, and it’s obvious the judges love Beddows when they give her a standing ovation. Although the AGT The Season 17 preview doesn’t include judges’ comments for Merissa Beddows, she likely gets four yeses.

Merissa Beddows is a viral sensation on TikTok

Although the AGT Season 17 producers failed to find Merissa Beddows in another reality competition as Pole Dancer Kristy Sellars, the opera singer makes a splash on ICT Tac. She has over 746,000 subscribers and 13.4 million likes. She presents herself as a soprano, an impersonator, a comedienne and POVs. Other famous singers that Beddows impersonates on his TikTok account include Britney Spears, Evanescence, and Billie Eilish.

Beddows also enjoys impersonating Disney characters. It doesn’t stop at Snow White. His TikTok videos contain imitations of Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid. She also says viewers can direct message Beddows to inquire about voice lessons.

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Opera singer and impressionist Merissa Beddows raises money for her mother

Before auditioning for Season 17 of AGT, Merissa Beddows started a GoFundMe for her mother.

“I am raising funds for my mother-in-law, Debbie Soskin, who suffered a series of medical emergencies that resulted in prolonged hospitalizations at various medical facilities in Westchester, NY,” Beddows GoFundMe bed. “More recently, my mother was admitted to intensive care at Westchester Medical Center after suffering a brain hemorrhage following a bad fall.”

‘AGT’ Season 17: Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell | Trae Patton/NBC/Getty Images

In the description, Beddows explained that she took time off from school to care for her mother.

“My goal is to raise $25,000 to send my mother to a long-term facility where I know she will be in good hands,” Beddows adds. “It would cover the first few months of care, until his Medicaid hospitalization kicked in. My dream is to be able to continue my studies at school without having to constantly worry about my mother’s health.

America’s Got Talent Season 17 airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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