ALBUM REVIEW: Nozomi – Seething Akira

It’s no secret that nu-metal has made a growing comeback over the years, and the execution has been astounding. It’s obvious that with our cutting-edge technology and access to a comprehensive database of sounds at our fingertips these days, we can take all the raw, raw greatness of the early 2000s and give it that sparkle. additional. It’s an exciting time for the genre and Nozomi – the latest effort from Portsmouth-based bare metallers BOILING AKIRA – says it all with an arrangement of sounds that bring both nostalgia and excitement.

The opening of the album never permanent brings out vintage keyboards with a synth line that reminds you VAN HALENit is Jump; it’s 80s without being too 80s, and the repetitive mantra of ”Nothing permanent / This feeling is never permanent” is a solid reminder that whatever inner demons we find ourselves facing will fade with time. Metaphors however, turns a whole at 180 starting from a synth that smells vaguely stranger things-esque before arriving with vocal effects you’d find scattered throughout modern pop music, though with the distorted guitars in the background it’s still heavy enough to keep you drawn in while giving that feel-good summer vibe during the chorus. It’s clear why this was chosen as one of the singles; it has all those thrilling soundscapes that litter this album while keeping distinct catchy synths, groovy breakdowns and punchy riffs that will stay stuck in your head for hours after listening.

Disappeared at sea brings us back to the surface for a moment to remind us of the all-important message that for every rose that fades, another springs to life – an uplifting lead for the lost and hopeless. It feels like therapy and before the song ends, you’ve worked on your struggle, ready to take on the world one step at a time. The guitar solo in particular on this track depicts beautiful moments in life and creates optimism in the back of our minds for those darker days that resurface from time to time.

For those of you who came to the album looking for something heavier that makes you want to throw your fists around your room like a tornado, then you’re in luck because Internal agonist delivers a disturbing atmosphere with heavy guitars and a breakdown that rises to full THE PRODIGY fashion. Meanwhile, Punishment instructions pushes into chaotic territory for what is undoubtedly going to be wild live; you can imagine crowd surfers, everyone jumping everywhere and mosh pits galore the moment you hear the words ”Raise your fingers”.

As the album draws to a close, reason to breathe is more rap than the previous track but it’s still a very honest track that takes a deep trip; it’s intimate and raw, but it amplifies towards the end to really engrave the importance of this track and the message behind it. Closing of the recording with Stars as a victory against the conflict of your inner demons, it fills you with an undeniable hope that beauty still exists in this world and for every bad day a good one will come, that sometimes all we have to do in this world is to stop and take a look around.

What BOILING AKIRA have created with this album is an honest reflection of hope, a deeper look at their struggles, and a reminder that we are not alone. This album sonically bridges the gap between pop fanatics, 80s nostalgics and metal lovers around the table with something for everyone.

Rating: 8/10

Nozomi is now available through FiXT.

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