Album Review: mxmtoon – on the rise

Album Review: mxmtoon - on the rise

mxmtoon goes from chamber pop to indie

Released on May 20, 2022, mxmtoon addresses current social issues in their new album, rising. mxmtoon (otherwise known as Maia) has been in the indie-pop spotlight for half a decade with hits such as “Falling for U” and “prom dress.” Now it has evolved from its simple pop style of ukulele chords to more pop and electronic inspired sounds in this new release. Each of the album’s twelve tracks, as well as the album title itself, feature all-lowercase writing. It’s not a new trend and has been seen repeatedly over the past few years with a variety of artists, giving viewers of the album a more intimate feel prevalent in mxmtoon’s new release.

Four of the twelve songs were previously released as singles. These songs come together to tell a mini-story of insecurity and youth that will be further developed in the full album release a few weeks later. Of the four pre-released singles, the first “mona lisa” has already been streamed over six million times on Spotify alone. Due to the catchy and easy-listening chorus and relevant lyrics, especially aimed at Gen Z youths, mxmtoon’s new release definitely addresses the new issues that young people are facing.

For example, in another of his singles “victim of nostalgia”, mxmtoon talks about fears of romanticizing the past, causing the future to fall short of past experiences. In the song‘s second chorus, the lyrics echo those insecurities: “It’s the panic of growing up (I don’t want to) / It’s the fear of missing out (I feel so bored) / Is- Will it be enough (What I have right now) / If I’m a victim of nostalgia?” These types of insecurities are very prevalent among young people around the world, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With mxmtoon who is only 21 years old, she is able to lead her own struggles and have a conversation with her audience about common issues facing young people.From her humble beginnings in music release in the 2010s, mxmtoon has always been about intimacy; tackling darker subject matter and effectively turning it into music.

However, all the songs of rising are necessarily melancholic in lyricism or slow in tempo. In fact, just the opposite seems to be the case with tracks such as “sad disco” which are able to balance a fun storyline – being alone in your house and having a dance party – with a fun, catchy tune. to counter the more sardonic ones. lyrics in play. Other examples are the last two tracks on the album, “dance (end of the world)” as well as “coming of age”. These two tracks still feature mxmtoon’s signature lyricism, but are upbeat in their delivery. The more rhythmic songs such as “dance (end of the world)” and “sad disco” show how mxmtoon is able to successfully emerge from its intimate ukulele days to present more drumming with relative success.

Overall, mxmtoon has shown great growth with their lineup and the release of their new album. rising. Effectively focusing on youthful themes such as growing up insecurities, as well as standing out with more instrumentals, it’s clear that mxmtoon continues to be a heavyweight in the indie-pop genre. With his young age and his knowledge of the world around him, it is clear that rising is only the beginning of a successful and passionate career for the young artist.