Affyxell Therapeutics will conduct more efficient preclinical trials through third-party collaboration

Affyxell Therapeutics, a joint venture between Daewoong Pharmaceutical and Avacta Life Science, said it will conduct more efficient preclinical trials through a three-party joint project with Biocytogen, Korea Non-Clinical Technology Solution Center (KNTSC)

Affyxell Therapeutics, Biocytogen and Korea Non-Clinical Technology Solution Center have entered into a trilateral agreement to conduct more efficient preclinical trials.

In drug development, preclinical trials, also known as animal testing, play a crucial role in studying the relationship between specific genes and diseases and in testing the safety and efficacy of efficacy of new drug candidates.

Under the agreement, the three parties will cooperate to develop animal and disease models, supply animals and conduct non-clinical trials to develop new drugs for immune diseases.

Affyxell Therapeutics will perform proof-of-concept and toxicity testing of several of its drug candidates using animal and disease models developed through this collaboration.

The company pointed out that verifying the therapeutic efficacy of new drug candidates in various groups of immune diseases can increase the likelihood of success in new drug development and speed up the development process.

Biocytogen, a Chinese company specializing in the development of new antibody drugs, has a gene editing and genetically modified animal platform based on a mouse model that produces human antibodies.

The company will establish non-clinical animal models related to immune diseases, provide genetically modified animals and perform non-clinical testing.

The KNTSC will provide the necessary infrastructure network for non-clinical trials, support the whole process and technology, and manage projects for efficient non-clinical trials.

“Through this contract, the capabilities of the three companies can exert a synergistic effect, providing a foundation for accelerating the development of new drugs,” said Affyxell Therapeutics CEO Yoo Jong-sang. “In the future, we will further accelerate the development of cellular gene therapy to overcome immune diseases and help improve the quality of life of patients with incurable diseases.

Biocytogen CEO Yuelei Shen also said, “We expect this contract to enable Affyxell to exert a synergistic effect on the development of next-generation cellular gene therapy to defeat immune diseases, based on our development of non-clinical animal models and our non-clinical experimental know-how. to immune diseases.

KNTSC Chairman Song Yung-jong said his institution will do its best to coordinate advice between the two companies so that they can contribute to the development of next-generation cellular gene therapy products targeting immune diseases using Affyxell Therapeutics technology platform.