Adjeng’s New Song ‘More Than A Little’ Embraces True Love Vibe E! News UK


Singer-songwriter Adjeng, who released eight digital singles last year, is making sure 2022 is not just a time to continue what she’s been doing, but rather a time to show significant progress in his act. So his latest single “More Than A Little” is a pretty cool departure from his previous pop releases, with his twist on his classic R&B sound presented in a relevant and current form.

“I wrote ‘More Than A Little’ in January 2022, welcoming not only a brand new year, but also a fresh sound with the melody and lyrics I wrote myself, mingled with the R&B sensibilities of old school. Although I mostly dabbled in pop, I have to say that 90s R&B had a huge impact on me, and I wanted to reflect that in this song,” said the singer who performed for bands Sipol and Wink at the start of his career, before finally deciding to go solo last year.

This decision spawned singles with lyrics she wrote and released one after another. It’s no exaggeration that she releases a song every month that by the end of 2021, she has already accumulated an album‘s worth of songs.

This year, she raised the bar by committing to recording songs that she composed herself, both the melody and the lyrics. “Rollercoaster” was the first of them. This tracker is more than just a tracker, but one that delivers a strong statement about true love.

Adjeng shared, “More Than A Little” is a love song I wrote about the value of putting extra time and effort into love. It’s about “giving it all”, giving it all you have. It’s actually a reflection of my own personal thoughts on love.

She further explained, “Life is a rollercoaster, but like love, it can be a sweet ride when you know you haven’t held back from living it. In anything involving love, there are expectations and realities. I think we always have to recognize what we want and what we need, and be honest. If you think about it, true love is really in the details, the seemingly insignificant and humble little moments.

She continued: “When we start to wallow in things, we forget the ‘why’. There’s always an extra mile to go when it comes to love, and that’s what I write and sing about in my new song “More Than A Little.”

Adjeng’s routine to inaugurate her solo career was for her “a great creative exercise and an opportunity to catalog and flex my creative muscles”. She started her run with “O Sige Lang”, then quickly followed it up with other songs she collaborated with with a songwriting partner or mentor she wanted to work with: “If Only”, “Say No”, “Walk On Water”. “, among others.

Always the woman with a plan, Adjeng made sure this year would be different and “Rollercoaster” marked a “truly brand new start” for her, being able to make her own materials. With “More Than A Little” it’s proof that she can do it again and there’s actually more to come. She likes to do singles but there is a possibility of releasing a full album.

“I pray that listeners resonate with ‘More Than A Little’. It’s a special song from my heart and I really enjoyed writing and recording this single,” she pointed out.

An official music video for the song is in the works.

Asked about his views on the current situation as the country recovers from the pandemic, Adjeng, as you might expect, shares positive thoughts: “Glad to see a lot of good things happening for the music industry these days, like seeing that there is a government-funded music research, a great effort to help our industry.And there is definite progress with the Philippine industries development bill creative.

She added, “I have personally taken the time to learn new things through educational websites like Artkipelago, which aims to inspire and encourage creative people to hone their skills in their craft, even online. Streaming music online is never easy, but from my side, and true to form, I just want to keep going.

“More Than A Little” was released on June 3 and is available on all digital streaming platforms.