8 best Disney baby characters, ranked

Disney characters come from all ages, so it’s only natural to find babies among its many animated films. While baby Disney characters are usually in the infantile stage of the protagonist, they often help set the premise and action of the movie together through their actions or what is going on around them.

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Likewise, some baby characters remain babies throughout and have an impact, whether it’s who they are, what they do to shake up the plot, or just being cute and doing laugh the audience. From baby gods to baby deer, the best of Disney babies both make an impact on the movie and keep audiences entertained.

8 Baby Simba (The Lion King)

Baby Simba supported by Rafiki in The Lion King.

It’s fair to say that The Lion King is one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved Disney films ever to be made. One of the reasons is because of his fantastic music numbers, such as “The Circle of Life”. The opening scene is one of the timeless moments of The Lion King which is still iconic to this day.

And it is during “The Circle of Life” that the animals of the savannah, and the audience, are first introduced to the next lion king, Simba. Although Baby Simba is only on screen for a few minutes, it is the birth of Simba that triggers the events of the film. Plus, it kicks the movie off in one of Disney’s most iconic songs and opening scenes, and it loops the movie on a loop, ending with the introduction of Simba’s newborn baby.

7 Baby Tarzan (Tarzan)

Tarzan Youll Be In My Heart Song

Although most recognizable as the strong ape-man swinging through the trees, Tarzan is first introduced in the film as an adorable baby. When Kala, the matriarch of the gorilla troop, hears a baby’s cries, she leaves the troop to investigate and finds baby Tarzan hiding in the wreckage of a treehouse.

This first interaction between baby Tarzan and Kala, who had lost her own baby, is funny, endearing and heartwarming. Although Kala is confused and curious at first, her mothering instincts kick in quickly and it begins one of Disney’s most loving parent-child relationships. It is in part because of this strong bond that “You’ll Be In My Heart” is one of the most beautiful musical moments in the film.

6 Baby Herman (who mentored Roger Rabbit)

Baby Herman smokes a cigar in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Perhaps Disney’s most unusual baby, and one of the funniest, is Baby Herman, the cartoon star of Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit. Audiences first see the hapless Roger trying to save Baby Herman from the perils of the kitchen in the style of a traditional burlesque cartoon.

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At first glance, Herman looks like a cute, innocent baby. But it is soon revealed that Herman is actually a gritty-voiced middle-aged man and cigar smoker, trapped in the body of an infant. The juxtaposition of an adorable baby and a grumpy gruff man is extremely hilarious and unexpected. The funniest moment is when Herman starts yelling at his fallen cigar with a silly baby-man cry.

5 Bambi (Bambi)

Bambi and Thumper play Bambi together

Disney’s fifth animated classic is Bambi, the story of a fawn that grows up to be the prince of the forest. Although perhaps not the most linear in plots, Bambi has remained one of Disney’s most iconic films.

Baby Bambi is very cute and an absolute pleasure to watch. From the moment he tries to stand up to his attempts at ice skating, young Bambi is both adorable and funny, especially when spending time with his friend Thumper. Perhaps it is because of Bambi’s endearing and lovable nature that his mother’s death is still so noticeable after many decades. It is one of the most heartbreaking deaths in Disney movies to date.

4 Dumbo (Dumbo)

Disney's Dumbo (1941)

Dumbo recently received the live-action Disney treatment under the direction of gothic director Tim Burton. But it just didn’t live up to expectations and it doesn’t hold the candle to the traditionally animated original 1941 film.

Despite its controversial and outdated depictions of crows, Dumbo is a lovely and heartwarming film and one of the main reasons is the titular baby elephant himself. With his adorable appearance and gentle nature, Dumbo easily wins the hearts of anyone who looks at him, all without uttering a single word, and the moment he starts to fly is real Disney magic. There is no doubt that Dumbo is one of Disney’s most adorable and iconic characters.

3 Baby Moana (Moana)

Baby Moana and the ocean in Disney's Moana.

Moana is one of Disney’s most recent additions to their line of princess films, but it’s also one of their most refreshing. One of the reasons is that the eponymous heroine grows considerably as a character as she embarks on an introspective quest to become a frequent traveler of the seas.

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One of the opening scenes shows Moana as a baby playing by the sea. Moana is already a really cute baby, but it’s when she begins to interact with the spirit of the ocean that the scene takes on. really life. Baby Moana’s awe and joy facing the ocean is endearing, mirroring that of the audience as well, and it already shows just how strong Moana really is.

2 Baby Hercules (Hercules)

Baby Hercules and baby Pegasus in Disney's Hercules.

Hercules is not only one of the best animated himbo Disney characters, but also one of the best babies in the company. Like Simba, it is the birth of Hercules that triggers the events of the film. But unlike Simba, baby Hercules has a bit more screen time.

Baby Hercules is certainly cute but what makes him such a pleasant character is that he is already showing his great strength. He breaks Hades’s finger very easily (so he essentially broke a god’s finger), and he single-handedly beats Pain and Panic, two immortal imps of the Underworld. Both moments are hilarious and already prove how strong Hercules really is, even when he goes deadly. Special mention should also go to baby Pegasus, who is just plain adorable to look at.

1 Jack-Jack (The Incredibles)

Jack-Jack uses his laser beams in The Incredibles 2

During the events of The Incredibles, Jack-Jack, the son of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, is apparently a normal baby born without powers. But that all changes towards the end of the movie when Syndrome kidnaps him and baby Parr demonstrates a number of superpowers in a few hilarious, mind-blowing seconds.

The second movie really uses Jack-Jack not just as a baby but as a superhero, and that’s one of the best features of The Incredibles 2. In fact, Jack-Jack is partly responsible for saving the day in the end. Jack-Jack is Disney’s best baby not only because he’s adorable and funny, but he seems to be able to take care of himself.

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