5 big albums to discover in July

Who is ready for new music? The good news is that there are plenty of them in July – and a few big releases too.

If you’ve already sold out your summer playlist or are just looking for new records to obsess over for the months to come, read on …

INHALER – “It won’t always be like this” [July 9th]

The debut album by the young Dublin band who met at school and who have steadily honed their skills, confidence and sound over the past two or three years has finally been released this week. Yes, they have a family connection to a big Irish band (Google if you have to), but Inhaler is a solid prospect in its own right and there are some killer songs here.


JAMES VINCENT MCMORROW – ‘Grapefruit season ‘ [July 16th]

James Vincent McMorrow’s fifth album was due out last year. Instead, Covid happened and the Dubliner retreated to the studio to write more songs and polish what would become “Grapefruit Season”. We’re not lying when we say that two of his best songs to date – “Planes in the Sky” and “Paradise” – can be found in this groovy as hell tracklist.


JOHN MAYER – ‘Sob Rock ‘ [July 16th]

We appreciate an artist who can pull the p * ss off. Fortunately, John Mayer is one of them – if the title of his eighth album is anything to say, at least – and the guitar virtuoso is releasing “Sob Rock” this month. It’s the sequel to 2017’s “The Search for Everything” and features guest vocals from Maren Morris on a track.


ANNE MARIE – ‘Therapy’ [July 23rd]

Let’s be honest – the last year has been tough for all of us, so if you’re not already in actual therapy, maybe music therapy will suffice. English pop star Anne-Marie has already kicked off the campaign for her second album, thanks to her recent hit with Niall Horan, ‘Our Song‘. Other guests of “Therapy” include KSI and Nathan Dawe. I can not wait.


BILLIE EILISH – ‘Happier than ever ‘ [July 30th]

One of the most anticipated pop albums of 2021 arrives this month when Billie Eilish returns to the fray. At just 19 years old, the teenager from LA has already released several singles from her second album and they have all turned out to be very promising. Can it surpass the remarkable feat of “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?” “? We will see..

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