10 of the most watchable supernatural episodes, according to Reddit

With 15 seasons under his belt and a staunch fandom set to run the series for years to come, there’s no doubt that Supernatural is one of the oldest shows that remains to be seen again and again for its fans. While many fans thought the finale hurt the series, there are still several episodes that fans can’t get enough of.

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Reddit is a great place for fans to find the Most Revelable Episodes, as there are a lot of Supernatural fans list their favorites to repeat, from hilarious meta-episodes to simply well-crafted TV tracks.

ten “Mysterious place” (S3, E11)

While the Season 3 episode “Mystery Spot” spends its 40 minutes driving Sam Winchester to the point of going psychotic, many fans, including Redditor X1Phoner, rate it as one of the most watchable episodes in the series.

Listing it with a few others, the Redditor says they “watch this every few months or so.” With so much brilliant humor, including many of Dean’s inventive deaths and another home run for the Trickster, it’s easy to see why “Mystery Spot” is so beloved and revisable.

9 “Bad day at Black Rock” (S3, E3)

Having an episode where the Monster of the Week is a Rabbit’s Foot isn’t allowed to be as good as what “Bad Day At Black Rock” is. Alas, it is deemed very rewatchable by fans, especially Redditor Yellow Underbelly.

They list the episode next to “all episodes with the Trickster / Gabriel,” and it’s easy to see why he’s up there with these hilarious episodes. With iconic quotes such as one of Dean’s funniest supernatural quotes “I’m Batman” and “I lost my shoe” from Sam, the episode is loaded with humor. It’s so much fun and has appearances from controversial characters Bela Talbot and Gordon Walker.

8 “Dog Dean Afternoon” (S9, E5)

Supernatural has a knack for turning ridiculous concepts into their funniest episodes, as evidenced by “Dog Dean Afternoon,” which Redditor AllWhiteInk mentioned as part of a long list of the best episodes of this popular series to review.

The Redditor rates it as one of “My Favorites”, and they’re not the only ones rating it so high. The episode, which sees Dean able to communicate with animals, is brilliant to watch and ranks among Jensen Ackles’ best comedic works in the entire series.

7 “The French error” (S6, E15)

Supernatural The French Error

When it comes to Supernatural Most rewatchable episodes, it’s impossible to watch beyond quality meta-episodes, with Reddit user Chamberofmeepmorp stating that, in terms of more rewatchable, it’s “French Mistake all the way, baby”.

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From the meta-commentary on the series itself to the vision of Misha Collins playing Misha Collins to Sam and Dean’s attempt to be the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, fans can stream this episode and enjoy it anytime.

6 “Two minutes before midnight” (S5, E21)

Crowley gives Bobby his legs and the chance to return to Supernatural

Not all of the most watchable episodes need to be hilarious. The one that appears in multiple listings on Reddit, including Redditor’s Al1238 list with “almost all episodes from season 5,” is “Two Minutes To Midnight”.

Not only does the episode have Death’s iconic and epic introduction to the series, but Sam proves his worth and heroism, Crowley and Bobby’s hilarious content, and he’s a wonderful precursor to the Season 5 finale. Overall, this is one of the best episodes of the Kripke era.

5 “Song of the Swan” (S5, E22)

“Two Minutes To Midnight” is best enjoyed when paired with what many claim to be the best Supernatural episode ever, “Swan Song.” Many viewers love to watch this episode over and over again, including Redditor natty_ann, who says they “really like all seasons 4 and 5”.

The episode carries a lot more emotional weight than most funny and meta episodes, which means it’s hard to watch this episode without any context. However, the emotional aspect is a big factor in what makes him so good. For fans, “Swan Song” is the epitome of what Supernatural could be and still can be very enjoyable, albeit heartbreaking, as Lucifer takes control of Sam and the Winchesters attempt to stop the apocolypse.

4 “Yellow fever” (S4, E6)

Dean screams after being scared of a cat in Yellow Fever in Supernatural

“Yellow Fever” is an episode held in high regard by the Supernatural fandom, notably Redditor Asha_Brea, who states that they “have never been able to see a single episode of a TV show”. in response to the question of the most rewatchable Supernatural episode, saying, “That said, yellow fever.”

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The episode is best known for Dean’s hilarious scream and “It was scary”. However, the episode is a well-done monster of the week tale involving a disease of spirits and ghosts, making it more than just a fun outing for the Winchester brothers.

3 “Channel change” (S5, E8)

With the Trickster, the Kripke era undoubtedly had Supernatural best monsters of the episodes of the week. Most responses on Reddit to the most rewatchable Supernatural the episodes mention the last episode of The Trickster as the Trickster, “Changing Channels. Reddit user littlegalen mentioned that it was their” all-time favorite. “

The episode isn’t just over 40 minutes of total hilarity and a pair of great comedic performances, but it also has the Gabriel twist and implications for that character and the future of Winchester. Fans will always remember that Dean panicked at Dr. Sexy or the boys were on a procedural police show.

2 “Fan Fiction” (S10, E5)

For the 200th episode of the series, fans were treated to one of the best episodes of the series and a special that can be seen endlessly. Along with a bunch of others, Reddit user mynamesalwaystaken lists the Season 10 episode as one of the most watchable.

The Redditor “didn’t like most of Season 12” and didn’t have any Season 11 episodes that stood out as being able to be seen again. But they called “Fan Fiction” a solid episode, as did many Redditors. The fact that this episode is in the last third of the series shows just how Supernatural could still produce some amazing TV tracks for its fandom, no matter how long it went on.

1 “Baby” (S11, E4)

Sam and Dean ride the Impala listening to Night Moves in Baby in Supernatural

For many fans, Season 11 is one of the best seasons of the post-Kripke era, and one of the best episodes to come out of it is “Baby,” which many Redditors list as reviewable, such as BfMDevOuR that says “has a place in my heart because I actually own a 67 impala.”

The episode is so beautifully done. From the Impala’s perspective, fans see a day on the road on a boy hunt. It’s full of emotion, beautiful dialogue, the best song on the show, and a bit of hard driving from Dean. It is an important tribute to the only constant non-Winchester in Supernatural, the Impala.

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