10 most underrated jokes in the Austin Powers movies

The Austin Powers movies are treated like comedy classics and rightly so. The films contain an incredible mix of different types of humor. Whether it’s burlesque, puns, parodies or witty dialogue, the film makes full use of all comedic devices. Many of the movie’s jokes are iconic and can be quoted even by a casual fan.

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However, some funny moments seem to go unnoticed. Maybe due to obscure references or moderate delivery, for some reason some jokes weren’t as well received by audiences as they should have been.

ten Dr. Evil and the Macarena

Dr. Evil makes macarena for Scotty at Austin Powers

Trying to sound trendy and cool to his teenage son Scott, Dr. Evil does the Macarena. When Scott still doesn’t accept Dr. Evil’s hug, Dr. Evil exasperatedly utters the hysterical phrase, “Don’t look at me like I’m fucking Frankenstein. Give your dad a hug!”

Dr. Evil’s very weak attempt at trying to get close to Scott is funny for the awkwardness of all the interaction. He does the steepest version of the dance possible and thinks doing it counts as “hip and with it,” showing how lame and incompetent Dr. Evil is with the jaded Scott.

9 Nigel Power’s pet peeves

Michael Caine as Nigel in Austin Powers Goldmember

In the third installment of the Austin Powers series in Gold Member, the audience was introduced to Austin’s absent dad, superspy Nigel Powers, played by versatile Michael Caine. The old Powers have added some fantastic jokes to the series, which are strongly pronounced by Caine’s comedic sensibility.

In a notable joke that seemed to keep a low profile, Nigel is featured with the villainous Goldmember. Face to face with the Dutch villain, Nigel makes his pet peeves known. The things Nigel can’t stand are: “Those who are intolerant of other people’s cultures and the Dutch”. This is obviously an extremely contradictory statement, which makes Nigel’s lack of self-awareness hilarious.

8 Evil medical school

Dr. Evil sitting at his desk in Austin Powers

For people who spend many years in medical training to become a doctor, it can be boring to be called a “sir” rather than a “doctor”. This snafu also infuriates evil medics like Dr. Evil.

When called sir by the president while making his requests, Dr. Evil loses his head and scolds, “It’s Dr. Evil. I didn’t spend six years in evil medical school to be called “sir,” thank you very much. ”Dr. Evil’s indignant response is made all the more humorous by the ridiculousness of the statement.

7 The childhood of Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil and Scotty in group therapy at Austin Powers

Since Dr. Evil and Scott have a fairly strained and fractured relationship, they sort of find themselves in family group therapy. While the other father-son members are making great strides, Dr. Evil and Scott don’t seem to be making any breakthroughs.

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Given the lack of progress in their relationship, the therapist (played in a cameo by Carrie Fisher) asks Dr. Evil to talk about his childhood in the hopes that it will help shed light on the relationship. What comes next is a weird, rambling mess of a description of Dr. Evil. He talks about wearing meat helmets and his mother having webbed feet – not exactly the staples typical of childhood.

6 The Alan Parsons Project

Dr. Evil explaining the Alan Parsons project to Austin Powers

In Austin Powers: the spy who fucked me, Dr. Evil details the next phase of his plans which involves the use of a giant laser on the moon. The creator of the laser is physicist Dr Alan Parsons, which led Dr Evil to name the plans “The Alan Parsons Project”.

For anyone with extensive knowledge of music or for fans of progressive rock, this joke was an underrated joke, as Scott later explains that The Alan Parsons Project is actually already a band name for a rock band. from the early ’80s. Scott immediately rips up the name, pointing out Dr. Evil’s ignorance of the 30 years he missed while frozen. When Scott retorts that Dr. Evil might just call the plan Wang Chung, the scene becomes even funnier, as it shows how inept Dr. Evil can be.

5 Scott’s teenage explosion

Seth Green as Scott Evil in Austin Powers

Dr. Evil and his son Scott have a very aggressive relationship. The pair engage in several fights throughout the series until they finally get along, albeit briefly, in the heavy cameo. Austin Powers In Goldmember. One of their funniest but least recognized arguments comes when Scott has a tantrum similar to that of any other American teenager. However, Scott is a little different when he yells, “I hate you! I wish I had never been artificially created in a laboratory!

This line riffs on the common teenage exclamation, “I wish I had never been born,” but, as Scott wasn’t conceived in the traditional way, this line was born. The scene is even funnier when Dr. Evil responds like a hurt and worried parent, despite being openly hostile to Scott and even trying to kill him.

4 Austin’s Inner Monologue

Austin Powers smiling showing his teeth

Austin’s thawing procedure affects his body, causing his usual functions to go haywire, including Austin’s inability to contain his inner monologue.

When introduced to the beautiful agent, Vanessa, Austin lets out a number of inappropriate and sexual things about himself in front of her and everyone in the room. When Austin sees the looks on the faces of the people around him, he realizes that his ability to have an inner monologue has still not been found.

3 Chicago Models Factory

Dr Evil Using Aerial Quotes In Austin Powers

During Dr. Evil’s absence, his shell company, Virtucon, grew exponentially. When Dr Evil’s right-hand man number 2 explains all of Virtucon’s industries around the world, he does so by showing miniature models of their facilities.

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One of the factories they own makes miniature models in Chicago. The joke is blinking type and you will miss it, but for those who pay attention, this silly joke is recognized as one of the most frequently missed gags in the movie.

2 The militant wing of the Salvation Army

Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina in Austin Powers

As Dr. Evil’s henchmen are presented to the public with their credentials, it is revealed that Frau Farbissina is responsible for starting the “militant wing of the Salvation Army”. What makes this subtle joke so funny is that The Salvation Army is a charity, not a real army.

Frau creating the militant wing of the Salvation Army only shows how uncompromising she is in her evil ways. It’s easy to see why Dr. Evil chose her to be part of his evil organization.

1 Alpha Moon Unit and Zappa Moon Unit

Even at the time of this film’s creation, this joke was obscure. When ridiculous’ 90s villain Dr. Evil describes the lunar bases of his plan, he calls them Moon Unit Alpha and Moon Unit Zappa.

Moon Unit Zappa is a smart and criminally underrated joke because it is actually a person’s name. The daughter of experimental rock pioneer Frank Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa also contributed to her father’s song, “Valley Girl,” and appeared in films.

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