Verification transfer – what is it and what is it for? – Vacation Loan

The verification transfer has several different applications and is most often used when granting loans online or setting up bank accounts online.

What does this mean by the concept of a verification transfer? What is the use of such a transfer and where is it most often used? If you created a bank account completely online or submitted an online loan application, it is very possible that you have already contacted this form of transfer.

What is the verification transfer for?

What is the verification transfer for?

The verification transfer is, in a nutshell, the execution of a transfer which is intended to verify the account holder’s data. Such a transfer is very often used when setting up a bank account, if all formalities are carried out via the Internet. Very often it is also used when granting payday or non-bank installment loans, at least those that are awarded via the Internet. We make a transfer and a bank or loan company can compare the account holder’s details with the details of the person who applied for a loan or an instruction to open a bank account. If this data is identical, then the verification procedure will be completed positively. However, if the data provided in the form does not match the data that was saved when the account was created, our application may be rejected.

What amount of the verification transfer? Usually, a symbolic amount is used for such verification, so it may be 1 penny, and it may be 1 zlotys. Personally, I have not met with the idea that some company or bank would require transfer of a larger amount in order to verify our data. However, if we encounter such a necessity on our way, we definitely should avoid this offer by a wide arch. In the case of the popular minute promotion for PLN 0, such a verification fee is usually returned to the borrower’s account, immediately after the verification.

Watch out! We should also be careful not to transfer such a verification fee to an unchecked company. Currently, you can meet with a lot of scams involving identity theft. Most often, it looks like the company publishes an advertisement on the search for new employees or testers of various types of products. After the initial interview, most often carried out only by electronic means (via facebook or e-mail) they ask for additional personal information. In this also a scan of the ID card and a verification transfer in the amount of PLN 1. If the fraudster is in possession of such data, he will be able to set up a bank account online via any bank. And this is just the beginning of the path to further problems. Having a scan of our ID card and a newly created bank account for our data, such a person can take out a loan, a payday, as well as take advantage of many other services. If we find that we have been the victim of such a fraud, we should immediately contact the nearest Police unit in order to claim your identity card.The information contained in this infographics is worth knowing before sending a verification transfer.

Is it possible to open a bank account or get a loan without a verification transfer? Banks are once more leaving this method of online billing and are returning to standard contract signing by courier. In the case of loans, some companies allow you to get it without having to send a verification transfer. In this case, special applications are used, which automatically check the account holder’s data, so it is not necessary to send additional transfers in their case. The most popular application in this group is Instantor, which is used by a whole group of loan companies, although some of them, such as Carriedo Now, use their own Cash Connect application.

Interestingly, we can get a non-bank loan for some time even without a bank account and also via the internet. Although we will have to take a few steps outside of our property after picking it up. All using the Giro check, thanks to which we can collect the loan directly at the nearest post office. You will not need any verification transfer to obtain it.